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One reason turf may look bad is that the soil can't retain enough water to maintain its health and appearance. This results in localized dry spots. Aquisync® changes that. It's a superior wetting agent used to improve water retention and to reduce watering requirements. In the end, it helps to deliver healthy, visually appealing turf across home lawns, golf courses and sports fields.

How Aquisync Works

Aquisync is a specialized combination soil surfactant made to reduce the surface tension of water. It allows the water to flow into the soil more readily while increasing the water retention in the soil. When used as directed, it will allow a more uniform distribution and availability of the water. In turn, it helps to create a more consistent playing surface as well as an enhanced visual appearance of the turf.

Where to Use Aquisync

Aquisync Turf and Soil Wetting Agent is made for use on golf courses. It may also be used for recreational and sports turfgrass, as well as commercial turf and sod farms. It's suitable for soilless media and also the soil that surrounds ornamental plants.

Target Uses

It was made to help increase the soil water-holding capacity, which will reduce localized dry spots in the turf. It improves water availability in heavy soils and also thatchy areas.

Aquisync Features and Benefits

  • Reduces the number of chemicals needed in the spray tank
  • Ideal for use in non-sand-based soils, such as those on fairways, tees and home lawns
  • Decreases the watering requirements needed to maintain healthy turf

Improve the Soil Conditions with Aquisync

Aquisync's proprietary retention and penetrant characteristics deliver top wetting agent performance in the soil. It reduces the overall watering requirements, minimizes localized dry spots and stretches irrigation intervals, helping golf course superintendents and other pros to maintain healthy, visually appealing turf.


Heritage PPG


Soil Wetting Agent

Active Ingredient

Poly(2- methylOxirane) 75%

Docusate sodium 5%

Container Size

2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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Stronger Lawns
Great product!

Wish I could upload pictures to show the results! I highly recommend it.

Thank you for the review!

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