Mystic Hue

Whether it's cool-season or warm-season grass, it will go dormant during part of the year. It will also suffer from localized dry spots or damage from traffic, drought and other stresses. Watering may bring back some of the color, and fertilizers are great for supplementing low nutrient contents.

But how do you get the grass to stay the same color all year long without taking drastic measures?

Use Mystic Hue, and you'll see a massive difference in your turf's color.

What is Mystic Hue?

Mystic Hue is a green turf colorant made for all grass types. It's specially formulated to mimic the look of actively growing grass. It transforms the turf into a healthier looking lawn and gives it a boost during the dormant season when it looks dull and lifeless.

It's not a fertilizer or a growth stimulant. It's simply a turf colorant, so it doesn't affect the turf's biological processes. It doesn't negatively affect chlorophyll production or stain the grass; it only boosts its natural color.

Mystic Hue can be used for most any turf whether it's a home lawn or a golf course. In fact, it's perfect for spring green-ups when the golf course greens and fairways are starting to wake up after a long winter.

It creates impressive curb appeal for commercial lawns and makes them look strong, healthy and vibrant green. It can be combined with liquid fertilizers, fungicides and other products to add green color while conducting routine lawn chores.

Benefits of Using Turf Dyes

Some turf dyes only cover up dry spots and don't always match the existing color of the grass. Mystic Hue has unique colorant properties to look exactly like the turf, transforming its appearance almost overnight. Some of the main reasons to use Mystic Hue include:

  • Mimics the appearance of actively growing turfgrass
  • Can be used on residential and commercial lawns
  • Perfect for spring green-ups on the golf course
  • Boosts the natural color of the turf during the dormant season
  • Useful for sports turf, sod farms and other turf sites

Greener Turfgrass with Mystic Hue

Dormant and non-dormant turfgrass can benefit from Mystic Hue colorant. It boosts the natural green color of the turf and keeps it looking green and healthy even in the off-season. Whether it's a golf course or a business lawn, Mystic Hue helps the grass stay green through the toughest climates.

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