FAQ - Tax Exemption

What does it mean to be tax exempt?

Having a tax-exempt status means most or all of your transaction, income or business is free from being taxed whether it's state, federal or local. Some examples of tax exemption include:

  • Being an IRS-recognized charity
  • Receiving income that isn't taxable
  • Having no tax liability

What forms do I need to provide?

If you are tax exempt, you will need to include your tax exemption certificate before placing your order. To submit your form, send it via email to ecommcustomerservice@heritageppg.com.

FAQ - Shipping

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL stands for less than truckload or less than load. Simply put, it's the middle ground between a full truckload and an individual parcel. The freight doesn't require a full semi-trailer, but it's still heavy enough to be shipped on a large truck.

Why ship with LTL?

It reduces the overall costs. When we ship LTL, we only pay for the part of the trailer in which your freight occupies. You can also track your shipment more easily.

Why does my shipment come on a pallet?

LTL shipping is a more secure method. Your freight is loaded onto pallets to reduce shifting during transport, as well as to keep your products together.

Do I have to be present during delivery?

Yes. You will receive a call from the shipping service asking when your package can be delivered. The shipment will come on a large truck and will need a place to drop the pallet. If you are unavailable and the truck has no place to drop the shipment, it will return the pallet to us, and you will be responsible for the costs. This is because we are still responsible for the costs to ship.

FAQ - Restricted Use Pesticides

What does Restricted Use products mean?

"Restricted Use" pesticides, or RUPs for short, are not available for the general public. They can only be purchased and used by certified applicators or under the direct supervision of a certified professional. These products may cause negative effects to the environment or to people in the application area or to the person applying the pesticide. See here for more information regarding restricted use classifications.

"General Use" pesticides are unclassified and can be purchased and used by non-certified professional applicators. The EPA registers these products based on how they're used, under what circumstances, what they can be used on, and other deciding factors. Sometimes a registered pesticide can only be applied by a professional applicator who has special training with that product.

If you'd like more information on Restricted Use Products, click this link for a full list provided by the EPA. 

How do I submit my license? 

There are a few ways to submit your license to us. You can upload the image directly on the product page that requires the documentation by clicking the "choose image button." The other way is to email a copy to ecommcustomerservice@heritageppg.com. Please make sure it is not expired and include a copy of the front and the back of the license.