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Water is vital for maintaining healthy turf on golf courses and sports fields. Irrigation and rainfall alone aren't always enough to keep the grass and plants healthy and vibrant. Aquicare® is a superior wetting agent used to manage the water levels in the soil, making sure the water gets evenly dispersed throughout the area. Whether it's applied on a golf course or a sod farm, Aquicare reduces water requirements and maintains the quality of the turf.

How Aquicare Works

Aquicare contains a blend of alkoxylated alcohols as the active ingredients. It's a wetting agent, otherwise known as a surfactant, which is used primarily to reduce the surface tension at the application site. It helps improve coverage and absorption while also resisting excess water retention on the surface of the soil. With Aquicare, there's less worry about maintaining the turf quality thanks to its unique formulation.

Where to Use Aquicare

Aquicare is an effective wetting agent that can be used on all golf courses to maintain turf quality and to prevent localized dry spots. While it's formulated for use on golf courses and sports turf, it can also be used on sod farms to improve the health of the grass. It may also be applied on recreational and commercial turfgrass sites to reduce the watering requirement. Aquicare is a safe, effective, nonphytotoxic wetting agent that can be applied by turf management professionals in a variety of settings.

Target Uses

Heritage PPG created Aquicare specifically to prevent localized dry spot conditions and to control water-repellent soils. It reduces the water surface tension and optimizes both precipitation and irrigation water with air in the soil to boost healthy plant growth. It resists excessive water retention at the surface of the soil while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the root zone, providing a firm playing surface on the golf course or other recreational turf sites.

Aquicare Features and Benefits

Because Aquicare is a surfactant, it can be tank-mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers. It enhances the efficacy of other products in the tank and improves their performance. It can also be applied alone to help maintain the appropriate moisture levels at the surface and root zone. It can be used on most turfgrass sites and applied in northern and southern climates as directed by the label. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Maintains the ideal moisture levels in the root zone
  • Resists water retention on the surface of the soil
  • Provides an optimal playing surface
  • Helps maintain turf quality and avoids turf loss
  • Reduces localized dry spots

Aquicare: The Ultimate Turf & Soil Wetting Agent

Maintaining the turf quality on the golf course comes down to using the right products throughout the year. Aquicare combines with most plant nutrients and pesticides to improve coverage and to promote a healthy playing surface. Even under wet conditions, Aquicare enhances the overall firmness of the playing surface. It can be combined in the tank with other products and applied to recreational, sports and commercial turf to help avoid dry spots and turf loss.


Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Wetting Agent
Active Ingredient Blend of Alkoxylated Alcohols, Other Ingredients
Container Size 2.5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.
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