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Aquicare® Pellets work similarly to Aquicare surfactant but in a specialized pellet form. They dissolve within 12 to 20 minutes and won't burn or discolor the grass. They reduce water surface tension and control localized dry spots.

How Aquicare Pellets Work

Aquicare Pellets contain a blend of alkoxylated alcohols. It's a wetting agent and reduces the surface tension on the lawn. It improves coverage and absorption while also resisting excess water retention on the surface of the soil.

Where to Use Aquicare

Aquicare Pellets are perfect for use on golf courses to maintain turf quality. It reduces the watering requirement and prevents localized dry spots, giving the turf a healthy appearance throughout the course. Because it reduces water surface tension, it balances precipitation and irrigation water in the soil to improve the turf health.

Target Uses

Use Aquicare Pellets on golf courses to improve the playing surface. It resists excessive water retention at the surface but maintains optimal moisture levels at the root zone.

Aquicare Features and Benefits

Aquicare Pellets are easy to apply and will dissolve within 20 minutes of application. They can be applied with most hose-end applicators. Other benefits include:

  • Won't burn or discolor the turf
  • Non-phytotoxic formulation
  • Creates a healthy, firm playing surface

Aquicare Pellets Improve Playing Surfaces

For optimum moisture levels and healthier turf, use Aquicare Pellets. They work and improve quality for one to two weeks and can be applied as often as needed to maintain the overall turf quality. They're easy to apply and won't cause any harm to the application site. Each pellet has 6oz of Aquicare which is sufficient to treat an average golf green of 6000 ft2 with 1 oz of active ingredient per 1000 ft2.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG Pro
Active Ingredient Blend of Alkoxylated Alcohols, Water Soluble Binder
Composition 75% 25%
Container Size 3 pellets per carton
Weight of Container Size 1.3 lbs
Application Amount See label for details.
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