PPE Chemical Safety Kit


Size: XXL
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It's important to read and follow the state and federal labels of both fertilizer and chemical products. One area to specifically call out on each label is in the precautionary statements portion, this part of the label also discusses what type of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn when applying your product of choice. 

What's in each Kit?

To make things a bit easier we've combined some of the top PPE products on the market into one easy kit. This kit comes in three different sizes: Large (L), Extra L (XL), and extra, extra Large (XXL). 

Each kit includes:

  • Face Shield with a headband. This headband is adjustable to hit the diameter of most head shapes. 
  • Vented Safety Googles. These are adjustable to fit the diameter of most head shapes and are large enough to fit over prescription glasses.
  • PVC Apron. A great addition to make sure nothing gets on your clothing when mixing or spraying. 
  • One pair of Lined Chemical Gloves. These protect from hazardous and toxic chemical exposures.
  • One pair of PVC sleeves. These protect the user against hazardous and toxic chemical exposures.
  • One pair of Tyvek Boot Covers. Prevents the user from tracking hazardous, toxic, or colored material from tracking on the floor.


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