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Pulling and eliminating weeds is a time-consuming and often costly chore. With Gallery SC herbicide, there's no worry about weed infestations on noncrop residential areas and commercial turf. It's a pre-emergent herbicide that targets the weeds before they can emerge from the soil. When used before germination, Gallery helps to keep established turfgrass and other areas clear of invasive weeds.

How Gallery SC Herbicide Works

Gallery SC contains isoxaben as the active ingredient. It has a unique mode of action, whereby it disrupts the weeds' protein synthesis function. The weeds are unable to produce the enzymes needed to function and grow, thus killing them before they can mature. As a selective herbicide, it is most effective on the labeled weeds rather than nontarget plants in the surrounding area.

Where to Use Gallery SC

Gallery SC can be used on most any noncrop site to control weeds that could compete with the native or beneficial flora. Use it on established turfgrass and landscape ornamentals, as well as container- and field-grown ornamentals. Apply it to areas where weeds could invade groundcovers and perennials, including ornamental bulbs. It can help keep weeds off Christmas tree plantations and areas where nonbearing fruit and nut trees are planted, including nonbearing vineyards. The active ingredient starts to work soon after application, killing the weeds before they emerge.

Target Weeds

With Gallery SC pre-emergent herbicide, it's possible to control and suppress more than 95 different species of broadleaf weeds. It prevents the emergence of slender aster, white clover, henbit and thistle, as well as knotweed and pigweed. Apply it to turfgrass and ornamentals to prevent chickweed, ragweed and speedwell. It stops the growth of groundsel and kochia, woodsorrell and spurge, and dogfennel and burning nettle. It can be applied on labeled cool- and warm-seasons grasses to keep them weed-free throughout the season.

Reasons to Use Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide

Gallery SC is an important part of lawn maintenance. Because it's a pre-emergent herbicide, it stops weeds before they have a chance to overtake the lawn. When combined with a postemergent herbicide, there's even more weed control in the target area. It can be used on many established cool- and warm-season grasses and applied in open greenhouses and shade houses. Other benefits of Gallery SC include:

  • Controls more than 95 labeled broadleaf weed species
  • For use on commercial turfgrass, ornamentals and noncrop residential areas
  • Contains a selective ingredient for exact weed control
  • Can be used on Christmas tree plantations
  • Provides residual control in the target areas

Gallery SC Herbicide is Easy to Use

Gallery SC selective herbicide is easy to use and apply to the target areas. It's available in a 2-gallon jug and covers more than eight acres. The active ingredient is harsh on labeled weeds and sensitive on nontarget plants and grasses. It can be used on ornamental bulbs, container-grown ornamentals and turfgrass to prevent weed growth. Whether it's ragweed, clover or spurge, Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide prevents the weeds from emerging and ruining the landscape.





Active Ingredient

Isoxaben 45.45%

Container Size

1 quart

Application Amount

See label for details.





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