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Prodiamine 65WDG herbicide has the same active ingredient as Prodiamine 4L but in a water-dispersible granular formulation. It can be used on commercial cool- and warm-season turfgrass, including golf course turf except the putting greens. It can be applied everywhere from lawns to Christmas tree plantations and prevent common weeds from emerging during the season. Prodiamine 65WDG is a pre-emergent herbicide, so it's ideal to use before the weeds emerge from the soil or right after established weeds are removed from the site.

How Prodiamine 65WDG Works

Prodiamine 65WDG uses prodiamine as the active ingredient but in a 65 percent formulation, which is 25 percent more than Prodiamine 4L. This chemical is used in several pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from germinating. It has a selective mode of action, inhibiting the weed's cells and preventing further growth, causing the weeds to die. It can be combined with postemergent herbicides to achieve total weed control in the target site.

Where to Use Prodiamine 65WDG

Use Prodiamine 65WDG granular pre-emergent herbicide on commercial warm- and cool-season turfgrass. It can be used on lawns, sod nurseries and golf courses, including labeled ornamentals. Prodiamine 65WDG can also be used to prevent weed growth on Christmas tree farms and noncrop sites like roadsides and railroads. It can be applied with a broadcast spreader and is easy to achieve full coverage. It kills the pre-emergent weeds and also provides residual control throughout the season.

Target Weeds

Prodiamine 65WDG pre-emergent herbicide kills common weeds on a variety of sites, such as fence rows, rights-of-way and storage areas. It controls some of the most common pre-emergent weeds in established turf and ornamentals, such as chickweed and smooth crabgrass. It's also effective at killing foxtail and kochia, as well as oxalis and knotweed. Use Prodiamine 65WDG to target other common weeds like pigweed and more.

Benefits of Using Prodiamine 65WDG

One benefit of Prodiamine 65WDG granular herbicide is that it's formulated for use on commercial warm- and cool-season grasses. Not only that, but it's also a preventive weed treatment on noncrop sites, ornamental nurseries and other labeled areas. The active ingredient prodiamine controls pre-emergent weeds and also prevents them from re-emerging during the season. It controls many common weeds like smooth and large crabgrass and can even be applied on golf courses. Some benefits and features include:

  • Ideal for preventing weeds on noncrop and commercial sites
  • Controls knotweed, spurge and other common weeds
  • For use in established commercial turfgrass and ornamentals
  • Can be applied numerous ways for flexible control
  • Has a low-staining formulation

Prodiamine 65WDG Controls Annual Weeds

Prodiamine 65WDG is a must-have pre-emergent and water-dispersible granular herbicide to prevent weed growth on established turfgrass. It controls weeds like henbit and crabgrass and combats hard-to-control weeds like cheatgrass. It can be applied to rights-of-way and other noncrop sites and provide maximum results on golf course turf. Whether it's large crabgrass or another noxious weed, nothing stops weeds from germinating and growing like Prodiamine 65WDG granular pre-emergent herbicide.



Manufacturer Control Solutions
Primary Pest Herbicide
Utility  Water Dispersible Granular
Active Ingredient Prodiamine, Other Ingredients
Composition 65%, 35%
Container Size 5lb Jug
Application Amount See label for details.



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