Utility Adjuvants: Why You Need Them

Our Heritage crew, Rob Garcia and Kevin Leeper, had an interesting discussion recently on the Mass Tangent vlog over on our YouTube channel. In the video, they discuss adjuvants, specifically utility adjuvants and their benefits. It's a very interesting discussion that would benefit pros who want to get the most out of their spray mixes.

We'd highly recommend checking out that video for an in-depth review of utility adjuvants. Here, we'd like to highlight some of the specifics and dive into a few products that could really help you out in the field.

Types of Adjuvants

What is an adjuvant, exactly? Well, it's a broad term given to certain additives in spray tanks to enhance the effectiveness of a pesticide. Adjuvants can be anything from a spreader-sticker to a surfactant or an antifoaming agent.

Adjuvants affect the spray mix in one of two ways: directly or indirectly. Both have their advantages and can transform how the spray works.

  • Activator adjuvants work directly and indicate how well the pesticide is going to work. It directly affects the spray by improving coverage or penetration, allowing the pesticide to work more effectively on the application area.
  • Utility adjuvants affect tank mixes indirectly, meaning they don't enhance or affect how a pesticide works. Instead, they do things like providing better drift control, reducing foam in the tank, affecting pH levels and water hardness, etc. Spray pattern indicators could also be considered a utility adjuvant since it doesn't enhance the pesticide but helps the applicator see where the spray has been applied.

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of adjuvants, let's turn our attention to a few utility adjuvants that can really help improve your spray applications.


Droplex is a type of adjuvant that helps you control drift around the application site. It also aids in drop deposition and helps the pesticide penetrate the canopy, making sure it covers the entire area.


FoamForce is another utility adjuvant that suppresses surface foam that could otherwise cause pump or spray problems. It reduces and prevents foam, stopping spillovers that could lead to crop loss.


PreFlight is a recommended utility adjuvant for any pro who wants to prevent odors when spraying pesticides. It has a wintergreen scent to mask the smell and can even knock down foam in the tank.


PostFlight is the perfect utility adjuvant for cleaning up spray equipment and hoses after an application. It helps to keep the equipment free of stains and can be used on all types of surfaces.

Utility Adjuvants are the Key to Success

Though utility adjuvants don't affect the pesticide, they help the applicator in many ways. Whether it's defoaming a tank to reduce spillovers or controlling drift around the application site, utility adjuvants are a necessary and vital component for pros looking to improve their spray mixtures, to cut application costs, to reduce water hardness and so much more.

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