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Not all pesticides have an odor, but the ones that do make it uncomfortable for the applicator and those in the spray area. PreFlight™ was designed for such situations when a pesticide is sprayed in and around a structure but there's a need to mask the smell. It improves the scent and offers even more benefits as well.

How PreFlight Works

PreFlight is a defoamer and a masking agent in one. It has a distinctive wintergreen scent, which masks the smell of spray solutions. While it's reducing the odor, it's also reducing the amount of foam in the spray tank. Just add it to the tank to knock down foam during filling. Because it's a defoamer, it improves the speed of filling the spray tank and also helping to prevent chemical spills.

Where to Use PreFlight

Apply PreFlight when using a pesticide with a noticeable odor. As an adjuvant, it can be used with many different insecticides and other products. The wintergreen smell will mask the odor, preventing discomfort for the applicator and anyone else who is in the vicinity.

PreFlight Features and Benefits

Though it's a masking agent, the fact that it's also a defoamer is what makes PreFlight such a necessary product to use for all applications that call for an adjuvant. Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • Masks unwanted pesticide odors
  • Knocks down foam in the spray tank
  • Improves the speed of filling the tank
  • Prevents chemical spills

Mask Pesticide Odors with PreFlight

PreFlight is made for applicators who want to keep foam at a minimum while also improving the smell of pesticide spray applications. The wintergreen scent improves the comfort for the applicator, and the defoaming properties improve the overall filling and application process.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG Pro
Active Ingredient
Container Size Quart
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