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Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of lush, healthy lawns? Whether you're a seasoned turf enthusiast or a curious homeowner looking to elevate your yard's appearance, you've come to the right place. In a recent online discussion hosted by Heritage Professional Products, Bruce Jump dives into essential insights about turfgrass varieties, overseeding, fertilization, and more. Join us as we break down the key takeaways from this informative conversation.


Introducing the Experts

The session kicked off with a warm welcome from the hosts – Susie Anderson, Marketing Manager at Heritage Professional Products, and Bruce Jump, the Turf Seed Manager. With a shared passion for top-quality turf, they dived into answering questions from the audience about various aspects of turf management.


Exploring Zero Crop, Zero Weed Turf Varieties

The duo proudly donned their "Zero Crop, Zero Weed" hats, emblematic of the purest, highest-quality seed available. Bruce emphasized the rarity of such seeds, explaining that only a fraction of all seed in the market qualifies for this elite standard. Heritage Professional Products boasts three products that meet this criterion:

  1. Artimuss®: This tall fescue blend is all the rage on social media. Its disease resistance makes it a robust choice for regions dealing with summer diseases like Brown Patch and Gray Leaf Spot.
  2. Calypsow: Another tall fescue blend, Calypsow features a different combination of varieties than Artimuss®.
  3. Posidunn: Designed for hot, stressful summers, Posidunn combines 90% tall fescue with 10% Kentucky Bluegrass, resulting in a hardy blend that thrives even in challenging conditions.


Finding the Perfect Fit: Turfgrass Zones USDA Map

A common question that often arises is whether a particular variety like Artimuss® is suitable for a specific state or zone. Bruce responded with an engaging explanation. He introduced the USDA plant hardiness zone map, a valuable tool for identifying climate areas across the United States. While most regions in the continental U.S. are perfect for Artimuss®, Bruce advised against attempting to grow it in extreme conditions, such as the desert areas in Southern California and the northern fringes of Minnesota and North Dakota. (On the USDA map this would mean avoiding the pink and yellow-orange areas).


Unraveling the Mysteries of Starter Fertilizers

Next up was the question of using starter fertilizers. Bruce's response was clear: always base your fertilization on soil test results. Nutrient levels, especially phosphorus, play a crucial role in new seed germination. Bruce recommended using a fertilizer with higher levels of phosphorus to ensure that the seeds receive the nutrients they need like ProPeat 11-11-11. However, he cautioned against applying phosphorus needlessly, as it can have negative environmental consequences.


The Power of Gravity® SL PGS

The hosts then delved into Gravity® SL PGS, Heritage Professional Products' proprietary plant growth stimulant. This liquid treatment enhances seed germination and establishment, particularly under adverse conditions like cool or dry soil. Bruce highlighted that treated seeds can germinate earlier by several days, a significant advantage in the quest for a vibrant lawn.


Overseeding: To Match or Not to Match?

One of the most insightful discussions revolved around overseeding and renovation. Bruce offered invaluable advice for homeowners looking to rejuvenate their lawns. He stressed that the goals of the project determine the approach to take. While overseeding with the same species as your existing turf is ideal for maintaining uniformity, a full renovation might be more suitable when switching to a superior variety. Bruce recommended evaluating the effort required and weighing it against the desired outcome.


Embracing Shade with Artimuss®

Last but not least, the question of shade tolerance for Artimuss® was addressed. Bruce referenced the National Turf Grass Evaluation Program's shade studies at the University of Iowa. Tall fescues, including Artimuss®, performed remarkably well in shaded environments. He emphasized that selecting the right species and utilizing advanced varieties like Artimuss® can create a beautiful and uniform lawn, without the need for separate sun and shade mixes.


Continued Learning and Collaboration

As the session concluded, Susie and Bruce encouraged participants to seek further information and assistance. Heritage Professional Products is not just a supplier of top-tier turfgrass seeds but a resource for anyone looking to enhance their lawn care practices. With science-backed solutions and a commitment to environmental responsibility, they're the go-to experts for achieving a stunning, resilient lawn.

Intrigued by the insights shared in this discussion? If you're eager to explore the world of premium turfgrass and elevate your lawn care game, don't hesitate to email Heritage Professional Products at With their expertise and exceptional products, you're on your way to cultivating a lawn that's the envy of the neighborhood.


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