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Our Heritage Academy classes have been immensely educational, providing deep insights into a range of topics from understanding plant growth hormones to combating weeds while also learning about termites and turf seed technology. Our knowledge has expanded in leaps and bounds. Here are seven key things we learned from our academy classes that took place from January to July.

1. Rodents are more complex than we thought.

In Chris Morales's session on "ABCs of Rodent Biology and Behavior", we discovered the intricate biology of rodents and practical strategies to control infestations. Rodents, as it turns out, are more complex creatures than we previously thought, adding to the challenge of managing them effectively.

2. PGRs really make a difference.

During Dr. Kyle Briscoe's academy on "Understanding PGRs", we dove deep into the world of plant growth regulators (PGRs) and learned how they can be used effectively to manage turf and landscape species. We found out how using PGRs can reduce labor and result in significant economic savings.

3. It's important to read a label properly.

In our academy with Rob Garcia on "How to Read a Pesticide and Fertilizer Label", we learned how critical it is to understand the labels of products we use. From understanding usage instructions to recognizing how information affects spray applications, proper label reading ensures safer and more effective applications.

4. Weed control is serious business.

In Bert McCarty's academy on "Weeds", we realized that both cultural and chemical strategies play pivotal roles in a weed management program. Proper mowing, fertilization, and timed chemical application can help control problematic annual and perennial weeds.

5. Tiny ants can become huge problems.

The academy series with Jeff Wilkinson on "Ants: When something small becomes a bigger problem" sheds light on the identification, biology, and control methods of common ants found in the US. From baiting to spraying to using granular methods, we learned how to get rid of ants completely.

6. Adjuvants improve applications in a big way.

Rob Garcia's academy on "Adjuvants/Drifts" taught us that spray application success is influenced by multiple variables. From understanding how water quality and weather affect spray applications, to the effect of pH on an active ingredient, we learned how adjuvants can significantly improve application results.

7. Not all turf seed is the same.

In our July academy on "Turf Seed", Bruce Jump introduced us to the patented Turf Tech Tool and how data provides valuable insights into pest management strategies. We also learned about the unique attributes of Heritage PPG's proprietary product Gravity SL PGS, a regulator for turf seed, and explored application guidelines for users.

As we continue with our monthly academies, we look forward to diving deeper into the intricacies of pest and turf management and continuously learning and growing together as a community.

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