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Tall fescue is a fast-growing, upright turfgrass with outstanding drought and wear resistance. Artimuss takes tall fescue to the next level, using several cultivars to produce the most resilient, the highest quality, and the fastest growing turfgrass when compared to other seed blends out there.

About Artimuss Turf Blend

One thing that sets Artimuss apart from other turf blends is Gravity PGS. It's a plant growth stimulator used on the seeds as a pretreatment to boost growth and development for faster spread, higher density and greener color. Because it's developed with cultivars using Lateral Spread technology, which improves strand density under stress, Artimuss is extremely resistant to drought, heat, traffic and fungal diseases such as gray leaf spot and brown patch.

Areas of Use

Whether it's for DIY yard lovers or lawn and landscape professionals, Artimuss is a recommended turf blend for sites where tall fescue is desired. It uses cultivars known for ranking highly on National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) scores in the Northeast and Transition Zone locations. Some areas of use include:

  • Home lawns
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Municipal sites
  • Sports fields

Benefits of Artimuss

Artimuss uses not one but four different cultivars: Titanium G-LS, Dynamite G-LS, Spyder 2LS and Avenger III. These turf seeds have Lateral Spread parents to boost density, drought tolerance, disease resistance and green color. These cultivars make Artimuss the ultimate tall fescue turfgrass blend available. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Tolerates drought, heat and other stressors
  • Resistant against diseases like gray leaf spot
  • Treated with Gravity PGS for faster growth
  • Compact growth for low-mowing ability
  • Excellent spring and fall density


*Unlike fertilizer and other turf products, seed is harvested once per year. Varieties do occasionally run short and another variety will need to be used. In that rare case, Heritage PPG will use the highest quality and performance variety available at that time.*

Customer Reviews

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Artimuss 50lb Bag

Terry Wallace
Good News

Will plant seeds when ground temp reaches 55-58 degrees. Very ancious to see results and will let you know

Keep us updated!

Brian Frechette
Frechette and sons turf care Brattleboro Vermont

I can’t wait to get it planted and see what it comes out like. We will keep you posted.

Can't wait to hear about the results. Thank you for purchasing!

Jason Riley
Artimuss 50lb Seed

Some of the best seed on the market with four amazing Cultivars that will transform any lawn into the best looking lawn!

Great photos! Thank you for sharing your success with Artimuss!

Evan Riley

Fast delivery, packaged very well in a heavy duty box.

It's our goal for Artimuss to arrive safely!

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