Two Turfgrass Programs to Fit Your Needs

As a turf care expert, maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn can be challenging, especially with varying climate conditions and other environmental factors. Here are two exceptional programs designed to cater to the specific needs of your turf: the Overachiever and Hot Turf Summer packs.

These programs have been carefully crafted to address the unique requirements of=lawn care enthusiasts, incorporating specialized products with distinct benefits.

Overachiever Pack: The Ultimate Solution for Your Turfgrass Needs

The Overachiever pack is an all-inclusive program that covers every aspect of turf care. Maintain high-quality turf that can withstand constant foot traffic and environmental stressors.

Here are the products included in the Overachiever pack, along with their benefits:

  • PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP Fertilizer (2 bags): This high-quality fertilizer provides the essential nutrients needed for optimal turf growth and health.

  • Prodiamine 65 WDG 5LB Pre-Herbicide: A pre-emergent herbicide that prevents weed growth before it starts, ensuring a clean and well-maintained turf.

  • SpeedZone Southern EW 1G Post-Herbicide: This post-emergent herbicide effectively eliminates existing weeds, keeping your turf pristine and weed-free.

  • Artimuss PGS50LB Seed: High-quality seed that promotes robust and uniform growth, filling in any bare patches on your turf.

  • Gravity SL PGS QT PGR Growth Regulator: This plant growth regulator helps control the growth of your turf, reducing the need for frequent mowing and promoting a more uniform appearance.

  • Aquisync 2.5G Wetting Agent: Aquisync enhances water penetration and distribution in the soil, ensuring that your turf receives the moisture it needs for optimal health.

  • Gravity L Humic Base NEW 2.5G Micronutrients: These micronutrients improve nutrient uptake and contribute to overall turf health.

  • Gulfstream Free QT Adjuvant: This adjuvant increases the effectiveness of your herbicides and insecticides, ensuring maximum protection against pests and weeds.

  • ACELEPRYN GR 25LB Insecticide: This top-notch insecticide provides comprehensive pest control, keeping your turf safe from damaging insects.

  • Turf Elite Soil Tests: These soil tests give you valuable insights into the health of your turf, allowing you to make informed decisions about its care.

  • Gravity S 34-0-12 MIC 25LB Fertilizer: This additional fertilizer keeps your turf looking its best throughout the entire season.

Hot Turf Summer Pack: Keep Your Lawn Lush and Healthy, Even in Extreme Heat

The Hot Turf Summer pack is specifically designed for those dealing with the challenges of scorching summer temperatures. This program ensures that your lawn stays lush, green, and healthy even in the most extreme heat conditions.

The Hot Turf Summer pack includes:

  • PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP 50LB Fertilizer: This fertilizer provides the essential nutrients needed for healthy turf growth during the hot summer months.

  • Aquisync 2.5G Wetting Agent: Aquisync is crucial in retaining moisture and distributing water evenly throughout the soil during extreme heat, ensuring that your turf stays hydrated and healthy.

  • Gravity L Micro 2.5G Wetting Agent: This wetting agent further assists in retaining moisture and promoting even water distribution in the soil, preventing dry patches and supporting healthy root growth.

  • Gravity L Humic Base New 2.5G Micronutrients: These micronutrients help enhance soil health and promote strong, vibrant turf, even in the hottest, driest conditions.

Which Pack Should You Choose?

The Overachiever pack is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to maintain the best yard on the block. The combination of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators, and other essential products will guarantee a strong and resilient turf with a good nutritional baseline. The Aquisync wetting agent, for example, ensures that your turf receives the moisture it needs for optimal health, while the Gravity SL PGS growth regulator contributes to a more uniform appearance and reduced mowing frequency.

On the other hand, the Hot Turf Summer pack is perfect for golf course turf or general lawn care, particularly in regions where lawns are exposed to high temperatures during the summer months. With specialized products designed to retain moisture and promote root growth, your lawn will stay green and healthy even in the most challenging conditions. The inclusion of Aquisync and Gravity L Micro wetting agents in this pack helps your turf retain water and distribute it evenly throughout the soil, preventing dry patches and promoting healthy root growth.

Evaluate your specific needs, and choose the program that best suits your situation. These programs provide the essential products and tools to help you achieve a healthy, vibrant, and well-maintained turf.

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