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SpeedZone Southern EW herbicide contains most of the same ingredients as SpeedZone broadleaf herbicide but is formulated for cool-weather performance. It has four active ingredients to kill the toughest weeds within one to two weeks. It can be used in established cool- and warm-season grasses and kills troublesome weeds such as clover and dandelion. SpeedZone Southern EW starts to work quickly and shows visual results within hours of application.

How SpeedZone Southern Works

SpeedZone Southern EW is a broadleaf herbicide with four active ingredients for maximum weed control: carfentrazone-ethyl, dichlorprop-p, dicamba acid and 2,4-D. These ingredients combine to burn down the toughest weeds, showing visual damage within 24 hours. Total weed death occurs within seven to 14 days. SpeedZone Southern EW is highly selective and kills the labeled weeds without damaging the turfgrass. It's available in a 2.5-gallon jug and is easy to apply to the target sites.

Where to Use SpeedZone Southern

SpeedZone Southern EW herbicide can be used in a variety of locations, including home lawns and other residential turf. It's also labeled for commercial landscapes and keeps the surrounding turf free of invasive weeds. SpeedZone can also be applied on golf courses and other athletic and recreational sites. Use it on noncrop sites like cemeteries and roadsides, medians and fence rows, as well as industrial areas. For the best results, it's recommended to use SpeedZone Southern EW between February and April.

Target Weeds

SpeedZone herbicide targets and kills more than 70 broadleaf weeds, including tough species like clover and dandelion. It kills and controls chickweed and curly dock, henbit and oxalis, and common mallow. Use it to burn down groundsel and knotweed, as well as ragweed and purslane. It's effective at killing thistle and eliminates wild garlic and red sorrel within seven to 14 days. Some other common listed weeds include deadnettle, ground ivy, carpetweed and creeping buttercup.

Benefits of SpeedZone Southern EW

SpeedZone Southern EW herbicide controls dozens of broadleaf weeds, from clover and dandelion to oxalis and wild mustard. It provides fast results within hours of application and total weed death in a week or two. It can be applied as a foliar spray and used in warm- and cool-season grasses. Some of the main reasons to use SpeedZone Southern EW herbicide include:

  • Kills broadleaf weeds within two weeks
  • Contains four ingredients for more effective weed control
  • For use on noncrop sites like roadsides and ditches
  • Perfect for use on golf courses and recreational sites
  • Specially formulated for use in cool weather

Get Cool-Season Performance with SpeedZone Southern EW

SpeedZone Southern EW broadleaf herbicide contains four ingredients to kill tough, hard-to-control weeds without killing the surrounding turfgrass. It can be applied everywhere from home lawns and parks to golf courses and roadsides and controls more than 70 different broadleaf weeds, from clover and henbit to ragweed and wild onion. When young, actively growing weeds emerge and seem to take over the lawn, use SpeedZone Southern EW broadleaf herbicide to see results within a day of application.



PBI Gordon



Active Ingredient

2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester, Mecoprop-p acid, Dicamba acid, and Carfentrazone-ethy, other ingredients


10.49%, 2.66%, .67%, .54%, 85.64%

Container Size

1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jug

Application Amount

See label for details.


Customer Reviews

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Vaughn Cain
Speedzone Southern

I have been using SpeedZone Southern for quite a few years now. Glad I found your company. Hassle free ordering and great delivery time. I will order again for sure.

peter weidlein

As promised and quick delivery.

Charles Hildreth

Speedzone Southern

Didn’t really control the weeds in the yard

After reading many reviews I decided to give it a try. I had better luck with regular 2-4d than with the speedzone product. Although the shipping of the product was fast and correct.

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