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Healthy lawns and plants don't pop up overnight. It takes a lot of work to develop and grow dense and healthy turf and ornamentals. Fertilizers play a large role in this process, providing vital nutrients to strengthen root systems, to increase growth and to build a resistance to fungal diseases, drought and other stressors.

Liquid or Granular Fertilizers?

The biggest question when it comes to fertilizing the lawn is whether you should use granular or liquid fertilizers. In theory, your turfgrass or ornamentals won't know the difference between the two when you apply them. They both offer different advantages depending on the application.

Dry fertilizers are made with granules and applied as a band, a broadcast or a sidedress. They come in different blends, such as 34-0-12 and 10-30-20, and may even be customized by farmers to get a different ratio to improve crop production and yield.

Liquid fertilizers are applied directly to the soil or on the plants and can be broadcast or band applied, as well as sidedress applied in the mid-season. Foliar applications are popular as they make the nutrients readily available for the turf and plants. However, they don't last as long but are good for addressing deficiencies during the season.

Here's a list of the advantages for both granular and liquid fertilizers:

Granular Fertilizers

  • Often less expensive in bulk
  • Easy to store
  • Slow-release products available

Liquid Fertilizers

  • More uniform application
  • Perfect for starter applications
  • Useful in tank mixes

Gravity L Fertilizers

Our Gravity L fertilizers vary in nutrient ratios and may also include plant growth stimulators depending on the product. Some will also include other ingredients to boost health and growth, such as Gravity L with kelp or Gravity L with humic base or calcium. All Gravity L products can be soil or foliar applied and will help to correct mid-season deficiencies and to improve overall plant and turf health. Some popular Gravity L products include:

Gravity S Fertilizers

Gravity S fertilizers also vary in nutrient ratios and help to increase growth, development and resistance to stress. They can be applied in a variety of ways and may include additional ingredients to fill nutrient deficiencies. Some of our most popular Gravity S products include:

Healthy Turf and Ornamentals with Gravity Fertilizer

Adding Gravity S or L fertilizers to your turf, ornamentals or crops can provide numerous benefits, from boosting plant health to increasing overall yields. Whether it's a traditional blend or a blend with added nutrients such as kelp, calcium or humic base, Gravity fertilizers give your turf and plants what they need for stronger roots, greener foliage and better resistance against stresses.

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