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Some products are created to make your life easier.

When it comes to spray applications, one thing that causes a lot of problems is foam in the tank. It's a natural process during agitation when mixing herbicides and other products with water.

Another problem is odor when spraying pesticides. If you use colorants, you're introduced to yet another problem: staining.

Because of these problems, we've developed products to reduce and even prevent them from occurring in future applications.

3 Vital Products for Applicators


FoamForce is an antifoaming/defoaming agent made for use in most spray application equipment to suppress and eliminate foam. It's designed to knock down foam after it forms in the spray tank, using a silicone emulsion to minimize air entrapment and to destroy the foam during agitation. Reducing the foam will decrease mixing and filling times and reduce the vegetation loss that can occur when a spray tank foams over.


Some pesticides have an odor that can make it uncomfortable for both the applicator and people who enter the spray area. PreFlight is designed to eliminate the odor of various spray applications. It has a wintergreen scent to mask the odor and make spraying pesticides a more pleasant experience. It also acts as a defoamer, reducing the chances of tanks foaming over during an application.


Pigments and dyes help to make turfgrass greener and healthier looking in the offseason. However, they can stain spray equipment and surfaces. PostFlight is made to clean the spray equipment. It's a tank cleaner and a pigment remover in one, helping golf course superintendents and other professionals to keep their spray hoses, pumps and equipment free and clear of unsightly pigments and dyes.

Improve Your Applications with Heritage PPG

FoamForce, PreFlight and PostFlight are three necessary products for your toolset. Whether you're trying to reduce foam, to mask odors or to clean spray equipment, we have the products to make your life easier. Add these products to your arsenal to improve your spray applications each and every day.

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