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A lack of nutrients in the soil will prevent sustained growth, crop yield and overall plant health. Sustane Root Zone Feeder Packs contain all the necessary nutrients to improve growth. They continuously release the nutrients over time for up to eight months, enhancing soil conditions and promoting greater root development.

How Sustane Root Zone Feeder Pack Works

Sustane Root Zone Feeder Packs are formulated with 50 percent all-natural compost-based fertilizer and 50 percent coated six-month, controlled-release fertilizer. It's made with 16 percent nitrogen, 4 percent phosphate and 8 percent soluble potash (K20), as well as smaller percentages of other micronutrients such as iron, zinc and manganese. It also includes 5 percent humic acid. The packs work by releasing these nutrients slowly for optimal plant and turf growth.

Where to Use Sustane

Use Sustane 16-4-8 fertilizer packs whenever plants and turf could use more nutrients. They're designed for use in all perennial plantings, as well as all trees, shrubs and flowers. Use them in potted and hanging baskets, landscaped areas and other plant sites to boost nutrient availability.

Target Uses

Apply Sustane 16-4-8 whenever soil conditions lack vital nutrients for plant health. Nutrient deficiencies cause stunted growth and lower yields. Using Root Zone Feeder Packs will help to correct and prevent these nutrient deficiencies and improve plant health and growth.

Sustane Features and Benefits

Because Sustane slowly releases nitrogen and other nutrients, there's lower burn potential. The packs are biodegradable and don't require any measuring or special equipment to use them. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Rich in humic acids
  • Improves the plants' tolerance to dry conditions
  • Boosts root development
  • Suppresses plant pathogens in the soil

Feed the Plants with Root Zone Feeder Packs

Sustane benefits plants in many ways, from improving soil conditions to strengthening the plants' tolerance against drought and heat. The packs are perfect for improving greenhouse and nursery plants and can be used in trees, potted plants, hanging baskets, landscapes and more.





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