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Gravity® S 17-5-17 is an all-in-one, specially formulated turf and ornamental fertilizer for optimum plant growth. It can be applied to lawns and other turf areas, including sports and recreational turf, and benefits healthy growing plants. It has an appropriate nutrient load and includes a balanced calcium to magnesium ratio for improved plant growth and development.

What is in Gravity S 17-5-17?

Gravity S 17-5-17 is a turf and ornamental cal-mag fertilizer and provides total nutrition for growing plants. It contains 17 percent nitrogen, 5 percent phosphate and 17 percent potash. It also contains a variety of micronutrients for plant health, including iron, copper, manganese, molybdenum, boron and zinc. These added micronutrients correct any existing deficiencies in the plants. It's formulated with an optimum calcium to magnesium ratio to improve plant health.

Where to Use Gravity S 17-5-17

Gravity S 17-5-17 is made to improve the health, color and hardiness of the turf and plants. It can be used on trees and open flowers at the correct application rates. It reduces the stresses that are caused by transplanting and can be applied to various turf like bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and St. Augustine. It can even be applied to the turf throughout golf courses, such as the greens, tees and fairways. For the best results, wait until Gravity S has had a chance to dry completely before mowing or irrigating the application area.

Target Uses

Gravity S 17-5-17 is used to correct and prevent nutrient deficiencies in ornamentals and turf. These deficiencies occur for reasons such as subpar weather conditions and poor-nutrient soils. It can be used by itself in the spray tank or mixed with other plant nutrients when needed. It should always be applied according to the label to prevent burning and other damage. Always refer to the label for exact application rates.

Gravity S Features and Benefits

Gravity S 17-5-17 is designed to encourage plant growth and strong root development and to reduce the stresses caused by transplanting. It delivers vital nutrients to ornamentals and turf sites, as well as trees and open flowers. When applied as directed, it corrects and prevents nutrient deficiencies. It can be used on a variety of sites like golf courses and applied with a traditional sprayer. Some major features and benefits include:

  • An all-in-one fertilizer for optimum plant growth
  • Contains a perfect ratio of magnesium and calcium
  • Can be applied on golf course tees, greens, fairways and roughs
  • Minimizes the damage caused by transplanting

Gravity S 17-5-17: Optimum Calcium-Magnesium Ratio

Trees, turf and ornamentals need the right nutrients at the right time to grow and develop properly and to withstand the stresses caused by poor soil, bad weather and transplanting. Gravity S is a turf and ornamental cal-mag formula with the right balance of nutrients to encourage healthy plant growth. It improves overall plant hardiness and root development. Whether it's for trees or the turf throughout the golf course, Gravity 17-5-17 delivers the right nutrients to boost plant health.


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