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Gravity® S 16-3-16 addresses nutrient deficiencies in a calcium-magnesium soluble formulation. It can be used on a variety of turf sites, including golf courses and home lawns, and helps the grass and plants withstand environmental stresses while also giving them the right nutrients for optimum growth.

How Gravity S 16-3-16 Works

Gravity S has a 16-3-16 fertilizer rating, meaning it contains 16 percent nitrogen, 3 percent phosphate and 16 percent soluble potash (K20). It's a cal-mag soluble fertilizer with the right ratio of calcium and magnesium to correct and prevent deficiencies in the turf and plants. It also includes other micronutrients to improve overall plant health and growth.

Where to Use Gravity S

Gravity S is formulated for use on all turf sites, including ornamental and horticultural applications. It can be used on residential lawns and commercial sites, as well as recreational turf and more. See the label for a complete list of application sites.

Gravity Fertilizer Features and Benefits

Gravity S 16-3-16 contains all the right nutrients to improve plant growth, health and development. It benefits lawns and other turfgrass sites, including ornamentals, with soluble potash, calcium, magnesium and more. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Perfect as a tank-mix partner with most common pesticides
  • For use on golf courses, home lawns and more
  • Ideal for ornamental and horticultural applications

Gravity S Improves Plant Health

Gravity S 16-3-16 is an excellent calcium-magnesium fertilizer with added micronutrients to use for turf and ornamentals. It can be used on golf courses, sod farms and other areas to improve the health of the turf and ornamentals. It can be applied as a spray or a drench depending on the need.



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