Sustane Bolster Liquid Plant Biostimulant


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Sustane Plant Growth Supplement is a total plant nutrition product with the right nutrients needed for healthy growing plants. It can be applied in a variety of places and improves the turf's and plant's tolerance to cold and frost. When used as directed, Sustane Liquid Bolster reduces wilting and increases plant vigor, as well as its resistance to diseases, insect pests and nematodes.

What's in Sustane Liquid Bolster?

Sustane Bolster Plant Growth Supplement contains 2 percent sulfur and 5 percent iron, as well as nonplant food ingredients such as 2 percent solubilized seaweed and 4 percent humic acids derived from leonardite. It's specially formulated to prepare plants and turf for stress conditions and increases chlorophyll production for better growth, development and color.

Where to Use Bolster Plant Growth Supplement

Sustane Liquid Bolster is recommended for use on both cool- and warm-season grasses. It can be used on golf courses, athletic fields and other highly managed turf sites. Apply it with new sod installations to improve root mass and depth, and use it for new seedling plantings. It can also be used for hydroseeding, as well as for deep root drenches with established trees. It should not, however, be used as a foliar application on trees. It can be tank-mixed with most fertilizers, but a jar test should always be conducted before a full application.

Target Uses

Sustane Bolster contains two vital nutrients for plant growth: sulfur and iron. These two micronutrients play key roles in overall plant and turf growth and development. Sulfur helps to adjust the pH levels in the soil, helping it become more alkaline. It also unlocks the iron in the soil. With the added iron in Bolster, the plants get increased uptake for greater color and development. Iron is especially beneficial to fescue, bluegrass and other turf on golf courses because it helps the grass stay a deep green during the summer without growing excessively.

Sustane Bolster Features and Benefits

Sustane Plant Growth Supplement is ideal for use on golf courses, including the fairways, greens and tees. It keeps athletic fields green without the worry of excessive growth. It feeds the turf and plants what they need to develop properly as it increases their uptake of nutrients. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Reduces the stresses caused by parasitic nematodes
  • Boosts chlorophyll production in the plants and turf
  • Strengthens their tolerance against heat and drought
  • Improves moisture retention and reduces wilting
  • Protects against fungal pathogens, insects and other pests

Improve Plant Health with Bolster PGS

Plants and turf benefit from the nutrients and special formulation of Sustane Liquid Bolster, a must-have plant growth supplement. When used as directed, it increases root mass, improves drought resistance and prepares the plants for stress conditions. It increases plant salt tolerance in both saline soils and high-salt irrigation. Bolster protects against pathogens and nematodes and enhances seedling establishment. With Sustane Bolster, the turf remains greener for longer without excessively growing and increasing the maintenance chores for golf course superintendents.

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