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Gravity® L Calcium is a nitrogen fertilizer with the addition of calcium to correct deficiencies in turf, ornamental and horticultural sites. It's an essential nutrient needed for optimal plant development and plays a significant role in cell wall formation. It holds the cell walls together and improves the plant's health and uniformity.

How Gravity L Calcium Works

Gravity L Calcium contains 10 percent of this essential nutrient and also includes a proprietary Technology, which promotes the quick movement of micronutrients through the leaf cuticle and into the internal structures of the plants. It's applied as a foliar spray and can be combined with most common pesticides when needed.

Where to Use Gravity L Calcium

Gravity L is labeled for use on all turfgrass sites. Use it to correct calcium deficiencies on golf courses, residential lawns, commercial landscapes, sports turf, sod farms, parks and more. Use it on ornamentals in greenhouses, landscape plants, planting nurseries and transplanted crops. It's also useful for all horticultural applications where the addition of calcium would benefit the plants.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

The proprietary technology makes Gravity L Calcium a viable product for maintaining plant health and development. Some main benefits include:

  • Can be tank-mixed with most pesticides
  • Boosts plant development
  • For use as a foliar or soil drench application

Correct Calcium Deficiencies with Gravity L

Turf and plants won't develop properly if they don't have enough calcium. Gravity L Calcium gives plants a boost of calcium, improving their development and overall health. It can be used on turfgrass sites of all types, as well as for all horticultural and ornamental applications where calcium deficiencies occur.


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8-0-0 10% Calcium

Container Size

2.5 gal, 30 gallon

Application Amount

See label for details.





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Gravity L Calcium

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