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Why use kelp on grass? It helps the turf maintain its antioxidants during stressful conditions. This higher level of antioxidants improves the turf's health and also increases its resistance to disease. With Gravity® L Kelp Plus, the turf will resist stress and look healthy and green during droughts and other stressful environmental factors.

How Gravity Kelp Plus Works

Gravity Kelp Plus contains 5 percent soluble potash derived from kelp. It's formulated as a 100 percent flowable plant growth enhancer. Potash is beneficial to turf and ornamentals during times of stress and improves their resistance to damage. When mixing Kelp Plus with another product, make sure to conduct a jar test first on a small area to ensure compatibility.

Where to Use Gravity L Kelp Plus

Use Gravity L products where it's recommended to include an adjuvant, a surfactant or any plant growth enhancing product. Gravity L Kelp Plus can be used prior to or immediately following stressful periods such as chills or droughts. Use it on trees, ornamentals, turf and other plants to improve their growth and vigor.

When to Use Kelp Plus

When turf and plants have encountered stressful periods, use Gravity Kelp Plus to improve their resistance to damage. It can be used before or after droughts. Apply it as a foliar application, an irrigation or fertigation, a turf application, a soil application, or when rooting or transplanting or even top dressing and seeding.

Gravity L Kelp Features and Benefits

  • Multiple application methods
  • For use on trees, ornamentals, turf and more
  • Improves resistance to stress

Improve Plant Growth with Gravity L Kelp

Don't let stressful conditions ruin the turf and plants. Use Gravity L Kelp Plus to improve their stress resistance to chill and drought. It's easy to use and can be applied in many different ways to enhance plant growth and vigor across numerous application sites.



Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Liquid Fertilizer
Active Ingredient 0-0-5 Derived from: Phaeophyta (Brown Algae) and Potassium Acetate
Container Size 2.5 Gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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