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It's hard for turf and ornamentals to receive the proper amount of nutrients in bad soil conditions. Gravity® L Humic Base is designed to improve the uptake of micronutrients in the plants, improving their overall health and growth. It also increases water retention and blends easily with other plant nutrients in liquid foliar and direct soil applications.

What is in Gravity® L Humic Base?

Gravity® L Humic Base has a 0-0-1 fertilizer grade, with the 1 percent being soluble potash. It also includes copper, and chelated iron, manganese and zinc micronutrients, as well as nonplant food ingredients such as 8 percent humic acid and 2 percent soluble kelp. These ingredients come in a 100 percent soluble formulation so that it combines easily with other nutrients and remains in suspension during the application process.

Where to Use Gravity® L

Gravity® L Humic Base provides flexible application options and can be applied with irrigation, fertigation and spray equipment. It's specially formulated for use with liquid foliar applications and direct soil applications. Use it to improve the uptake of micronutrients in turfgrass on a variety of lawns and landscapes. It can be used to treat ornamentals at a rate of 1 to 2.5 gallons per 100 gallons of water as a soil drench. It's labeled for lawn fertilizer- and lawn maintenance-use only and should not be applied near water, storm drains or drainage ditches.

Target Uses

Gravity® L Humic Base has a specialized micronutrient formulation to improve plant health. The plants are able to take up the micronutrients more easily and retain water, which may help them also resist poor soil and weather conditions. It can be applied to a variety of lawns, including ornamentals, to reduce or prevent the symptoms of chlorosis and other plant illnesses. When used with other plant nutrients, Gravity® L gives the plants what they need to thrive.

Gravity® L Features and Benefits

Humic acid provides many benefits for the turf, such as neutralizing the soil and regulating pH levels. It improves the uptake of micronutrients and water, as well as increasing the soil's buffering properties. The added kelp extract increases root growth, improves overall color and enhances the turf's resistance to disease, drought and other stresses. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Improves nutrient and water uptake
  • Promotes seed development in lawns and ornamentals
  • Encourages greater turf density and color
  • Increases resistance to chlorosis caused by iron deficiency
  • Contains humic acid and kelp to improve overall turf health

Improve Nutrient Uptake with Gravity® L

Soil and weather conditions aren't always conducive to plant growth and development. Gravity L Humic Base changes all that, providing the necessary micronutrients for plant health. It also includes humic acid and kelp extract, two known ingredients for improving soil conditions and helping the plants and turf become more resistant to diseases, drought and other conditions. Combined, the formulation improves turf density, color and hardiness. Whether it's used for home lawns or recreational turf and ornamentals, Gravity L delivers outstanding results and exceptional plant health.



Heritage PPG




0-1-0  .25 CU

Container Size

2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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