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Nutrient deficiencies lead to turf and ornamental damage. Gravity® L 2-0-21 addresses these issues by providing the plants with nitrogen and potassium. It can be used on a variety of turf sites, including golf courses, and helps the lawns and other turf areas withstand the stresses caused by drought, cold, heat and fungal diseases. It comes in an easy-to-apply foliar application.

What is in Gravity L 2-0-21?

Gravity L has a 2-0-21 fertilizer rating, meaning it contains just 2 percent urea nitrogen and 21 percent soluble potash (K20). The low amount of nitrogen prevents burning when used as directed. The high percentage of potash provides turfgrass, ornamentals, trees and lawns with much needed potassium. It can be used as-is or combined with Droplex adjuvant to reduce drift and to optimize spray coverage and deposition.

Where to Use Gravity L 2-0-21

Gravity L is formulated for use on all turf sites, including for ornamental and horticultural applications. It can be used on home lawns and commercial properties, as well as industrial turf sites. Recreational turf can also benefit from Gravity L 2-0-21 to prevent stress damage from drought, disease and other conditions. Use it on sandy soils where potassium easily leaches. It can be applied to sports turf and golf courses, improving the drought resistance of turf on greens, tees, fairways and other turf areas.

Target Uses

Because Gravity L is a fertilizer, it's main purpose is to help maintain the health of the lawn and keep it green and lush. Though it has a low nitrogen rate, it provides enough of the nutrient to correct a deficiency without burning the lawn, if used as directed. It's main use is to feed the lawn, turf, ornamentals and other labeled sites with available potassium to prevent stress damage, which can occur often during extreme heat, cold and drought.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

Gravity L 2-0-21 contains low nitrogen and high potassium, with no additional micronutrients in the formula. It benefits the lawn and other turf areas, including trees and ornamentals, with soluble potash to help them withstand environmental stress from drought and diseases. It will maintain the turgor pressure in the plants, improving their cold hardiness and resistance to heat and pests. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Perfect as a tank-mix partner with most common pesticides
  • Can be used on golf course tees, greens and other turf areas
  • For use on lawns, ornamentals, trees and other labeled sites
  • Delivers potassium to plants grown on sandy soils
  • Ideal for ornamental and horticultural applications

Gravity L 2-0-21: Specially Formulated Potassium

Gravity L 2-0-21 is the ideal potash fertilizer to use during the growing season. It can be used on golf courses to improve the health and vigor of the turf, as well as on other recreational sites, home lawns and more. It provides a foliar option to deliver potassium to plants grown on sandy soils. It improves heat, cold and drought tolerance, as well as enhances root development and plant strength.



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Container Size

2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.






Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bradley A. Klingelhoefer
Wow 🤩

This product is amazing. I have a potassium deficiency on my lawn so I applied this at max rate for the first time not too long ago and now my lawn is so thick and lush green 🤩. I will continue to apply this regularly throughout summer. I can’t wait to try other gravity products!

Thank you for the great review on this product. We look forward to hearing about other Gravity products you use in the future! :)

Keith W.
Great Product

I mix this with the Gravity Micro Surge product and my Zoysia lawn goes into overdrive. After spraying the grass thickens up and takes on a lush dark green color. These Gravity products are the best I have used.

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