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Weeds aren't biased and don't usually prefer one area over another. They will grow anywhere, anytime and ruin the look of ornamental turfgrass. Tenacity is a systemic herbicide used for pre- and postemergent weeds. It contains a potent ingredient for controlling dozens of unwanted grassy weeds, making it an effective weed killer for recreational sites. Whether it's clover or crabgrass, Tenacity provides excellent weed control.

How Tenacity Herbicide Works

Tenacity herbicide contains mesotrione as the active ingredient. It acts as an enzyme inhibitor and blocks certain processes from occurring in the target weeds. Without these processes, the weeds are unable to grow properly and will die. It controls pre-emergent weeds below the soil and is useful for knocking down weeds aboveground. However, it's recommended to use a nonionic surfactant to control postemergent weeds for the best results.

Where to Use Tenacity

Use Tenacity herbicide to kill a variety of weeds in residential and commercial sites. It's not recommended to use Tenacity on home lawns unless it's during yard renovation or before reseeding. It may cause whitening of some turfgrass. It's ideal for use on noncrop sites where weeds can ruin the look of ornamental turfgrass, such as golf courses and athletic fields. Apply it to the turfgrass in parks and playgrounds, as well as on sod farms and airports. It can also be used to keep the grounds in cemeteries free of nuisance weeds.

Target Weeds

Tenacity herbicide kills and controls numerous unwanted grassy and broadleaf weeds in lawns and landscapes. It eliminates barnyardgrass and carpetweed, as well as dandelion and clover patches. It's effective at killing foxtail and other hard-to-control weeds like goosegrass. Use it to control henbit and thistle, as well as smooth and large crabgrass. Tenacity has a long list of labeled weeds, from oxalis and smartweed to swinecress and wild carrot.

Tenacity Features and Benefits

Because it can be used for pre- and postemergent weed control, Tenacity herbicide is a solid choice for lawn care programs. Though it can be used on home lawns, it should be administered by a professional on the target weeds. It provides broad-spectrum weed control not only before the weeds emerge but also while they're actively growing in the area. Some features and benefits of Tenacity include:

  • Ideal for use on golf courses and other athletic turfgrass
  • Can be used in Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue
  • Safe for use in St. Augustine when grown for sod
  • Provides better weed control when combined with a surfactant
  • Works through foliar contact and by soil absorption

Tenacity is a Powerful Weed Killer

Tenacity herbicide is an effective pre- and postemergent weed killer for use in residential, commercial, recreational and noncrop sites. It controls everything from clover and dandelion to crabgrass and yellow nutsedge. The active ingredient works on contact and turns the leaves white before completely killing the weeds within three weeks. Whether it's used before reseeding the lawn or after weeds have emerged from the soil, Tenacity herbicide prevents and controls unwanted weed growth.


Manufacturer Syngenta
Primary Pest 46 broadleaf weed and grass species
Utility  Herbicide
Active Ingredient Mesotrione, Other Ingredients
Composition 40.00%,60.00%
Container Size 8oz or 1 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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