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Milestone is a specialty herbicide with an active ingredient that provides exceptional weed control on noncrop sites and other labeled areas. It kills the weeds while causing minimal to zero damage on desirable turf. It controls a variety of broadleaf weeds and woody brush and continues to provide residual control long after application. Milestone can be applied in a variety of ways and combined with other herbicides for more weed control.

How Milestone Herbicide Works

Milestone Specialty Herbicide contains aminopyralid as the active ingredient. This chemical causes weed death by inhibiting its natural growth hormones. It can be applied as a ground broadcast, aerial broadcast or high-volume foliar spray to the target weeds, as well as a spot application. The weeds uptake the herbicide and die within days.

Where to Use Milestone Herbicide

Milestone Herbicide is labeled for use on nonresidential and noncrop sites on cool- and warm-season grasses, including bermudagrass. It's used as a treatment for weed overgrowth on ditch banks, rights-of-way and fence rows. Use it along railroads to knock down overgrowth, as well as around parking lots and storage areas. It can be used to stop weeds around airports and other noncrop sites. Milestone is effective at controlling weeds in natural areas such as wildlife openings and recreation sites, as well as on grazed areas when used as directed.

Target Weeds

Professionals use Milestone Specialty Herbicide to knock down noxious weeds and invasive woody plants without harming the surrounding vegetation. It effectively kills and controls buttercup and cat's ear, chicory and fireweed, and henbit and knotweed. It even knocks down kudzu and stops ragweed growth. Use Milestone on areas with thistle, clover and knapweed, as well as black locust and black medic. It controls numerous labeled weeds and brush and lingers on the site to prevent regrowth after application.

Benefits of Milestone Specialty Herbicide

Weeds and brush can shut wildlife openings, ruin the look of roadsides, and overtake native vegetation. Whether it's kudzu or clover, Milestone Specialty Herbicide moves through the weeds and kills them all, as well as provides long-lasting control on the target area. The active ingredient is highly effective against the labeled weeds without causing harm to the surrounding plants and grasses. Some benefits and features include:

  • Ideal for use on noncrop sites and rangelands
  • Can be used on permanent grass pastures
  • Kills and controls dozens of broadleaf weeds and woody brush
  • Causes very little if any damage to the surrounding grass
  • Chokes out invasive weed species such as kudzu

Stop Invasive Weed Growth with Milestone

Milestone Specialty Herbicide isn't recommended for home lawns and commercial turf. Instead, it's the perfect solution for eliminating unwanted weed growth on roadsides, highways, parking lots and other noncrop areas, including grazed sites when applied as directed. The active ingredient kills and controls the labeled weeds but doesn't harm the surrounding cool- and warm-season grasses. Whether kudzu is overtaking grazing areas or ragweed is spreading along the road, use Milestone Herbicide to knock down the weeds and to keep them down.





Active Ingredient

Triisopropanolammonium Salt of 2-pyridine carboxylic acid



Container Size


Application Amount

See label for details.






Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Denise Ranck
Goodbye, buttercups

Milestone did exactly what I wanted...eliminated buttercups and other weeds and did not kill the grass! Needing to restrict horses for a couple of week was a bit inconvenient, but in the long run, worth it. I had been trying to get rid of those buttercups for years! Success at last.

Lyle York
This works great on noxious or hard to kill weeds

I've used this on noxious weeds on three different properties. Works best when mised with a Surfactant for Herbicides to help adsorption, but works either way.

Thank you for the insight!

Mike Wardle
Thanks Heritage!

They delivered my Milestone herbicide promptly at a good price!

Thank you for the review!

Douglas W.
Best price out there

I have been purchasing Milestone for 10 years and this is the best price I have ever seen.

Douglas W.
Best price out there

I have been purchasing Milestone for 10 years and this is the best price I have ever seen.

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