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Gentrol Aerosol is a type of insect growth regulator made to complement a complete pest management program. Rather than killing the insects, it stops young insects from maturing into breeding adults. Therefore, it's useful for stopping future infestations since the future adults will be unable to produce offspring.

How Gentrol Aerosol Works

Hydroprene is the active ingredient in Gentrol IGR. It works by disrupting the reproduction system of insects at the pupal and larval stages. It does not kill them but instead prevents them from reproducing young of their own once they mature into adults. When combined with knockdown and residual insecticides, Gentrol will help to curb infestations dramatically over time.

Where to Use Gentrol

Use Gentrol IGR aerosol spray to control indoor pests like bed bugs, fruit flies, roaches and stored product pests such as flour beetles and grain borers. It's perfect for crack-and-crevice treatments indoors where the pests hide and breed. Use it as a spot treatment anywhere insects are found. It's best to use on young insects to prevent them from maturing into breeding adults.

Features and Benefits

Insect growth regulators don't kill pests. They simply stop the reproduction cycle by preventing future adults from producing young. Using them with a contact insecticide, a fogger or baits will work wonders at decreasing the insect population. Other features and benefits include:

  • For use indoors
  • Controls pantry pests, drain flies, bed bugs and more
  • Perfect for small applications
  • Ready-to-use formulation

Effective Spot Treatment with Gentrol

Gentrol Aerosol is easy to use and ready to control pests right out of the bottle. Simply attach the spray nozzle and apply it where insects are found or could be hiding. The active ingredient works to stop pupae and larvae from reproducing as adults, curbing an infestation before it happens.


Manufacturer Zoecon
Utility  IGR
Active Ingredient (S)-Hydroprene, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.36%, 99.64%
Container Size 16 oz. 
Application Amount See label for details.






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