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Not all insects attack the turf above the ground; some attack below the soil. With Acelepryn insecticide, turf pests such as webworms and white grubs don't stand a chance. This pesticide works on contact and by ingestion and kills hard-to-control insect pests in days. It's applied directly on both turf and plants and can be used most anywhere turfgrass pests invade the soil, including various trees and shrubs.

How Acelepryn Insecticide Works

Acelepryn contains the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole. This chemical targets the insects by opening the calcium channels in their muscles. It quickly goes to work and causes paralysis in minutes. Soon after, the insect dies. This insecticide can be sprayed directly on the grass and plants to target chewing insects. The plants absorb the chemical and deliver it to the pests as they feed. Once applied, it doesn't need to be reapplied for seven days.

Where to Use Acelepryn Insecticide

Turf- and plant-damaging insects are found everywhere, so use Acelepryn insecticide to target them on the spot. It's made to target pests in residential yards, apartment complexes, business parks and more. It's ideal for use on sod farms to prevent grubs and other pests from damaging the grass. Use it in cemeteries to keep the lawns pristine. Some common areas for use include:

  • Institutional grounds
  • Municipal complexes
  • Playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Golf courses

Though Acelepryn can be used on fruit and nut trees, it should not be applied when the trees have fruit or nuts. Always apply it to nonbearing trees and shrubs to prevent contamination. Also never apply this insecticide through an irrigation system.

Target Pests

Acelepryn targets numerous pest insects in home lawns and other landscapes. It kills and controls invasive, damaging pests like white grubs and bluegrass weevils, including chinch bugs. For suppression, apply it to areas where chinch bugs are located before their eggs hatch. This insecticide kills everything from turf caterpillars to crane flies, keeping plants and grasses safe from damage. Some other target pests include:

  • Aphids
  • June beetles
  • Cutworms
  • Masked chafers
  • Moths
  • Sod webworms

Advantages of Acelepryn Liquid Insecticide

Turf pests damage lawns and plants quickly if they're not eliminated in time. Acelepryn has a fast-acting formula for targeting hard-to-control pests and killing them within minutes. It works on a variety of pests, from billbugs to white grubs, and can be used on home lawns, parks and other landscaped areas. Here are just a few benefits of Acelepryn insecticide:

  • Contains an effective chemical for quick results
  • Controls many different turf pest species
  • For use on sod farms, golf courses and other landscaped areas
  • Comes in a suspension concentrate for easy application

Kill Turf Pests Fast With Acelepryn

It doesn't take long for turf pests to ruin lawns and landscapes. Sometimes the pests can invade interior plantscapes and cause visual damage in days. Acelepryn liquid insecticide goes to work quickly, knocking down invasive pests and killing them within minutes. Whether it's to control turf pests on sod farms or at home, Acelepryn does the job better than most.





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