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ProPeat 11-11-11 is a professional turf and landscape fertilizer used to condition the soil and give the turf, plants, and trees what they need to develop properly. It's available in a peat-based granular formulation and provides optimum fertilization in turfgrass sites whether they're in a wet or dry climate. It can be used on professional landscapes, as well as golf courses, and improves the soil's condition while also increasing nutrient availability to the plants.

What's in ProPeat 11-11-11?

ProPeat 11-11-11 contains 11 percent total ammoniacal nitrogen, 11 percent phosphate and 11 percent soluble potash (K2O). It also contains a balanced amount of sulfur at 10 percent. These micronutrients help to correct deficiencies in the soil and may prevent future occurrences. ProPeat landscape fertilizer is formulated with nitrogen-dense nutrient load to maintain soil conditions and to improve the uptake of nutrients to the plants.

Where to Use ProPeat 11-11-11

ProPeat 11-11-11 improves the soil's quality and condition. As it conditions, the sulfur balances alkalinity and also loosens the soil, helping the roots to take in nutrients more easily. It's available in homogeneous granules, which contain nitrogen and other important nutrients to improve  turf on a golf course, as well as shrubs and trees. It can be used in wet and dry climates and releases the nutrients uniformly into the soil. Apply it to the turf with a spreader, and water the granules in to disperse the fertilizer evenly into the soil.

Target Uses

ProPeat 11-11-11 is used to correct and prevent nitrogen, potash and sulfur deficiencies in the turf. The 11 percent sulfur in ProPeat professional turf and landscape fertilizer maintains the soil quality by adjusting and balancing the pH levels. ProPeat should always be applied according to the label to avoid damaging the lawn by applying too much fertilizer to the soil. Always refer to the label for exact application rates.

Repeat every 3 months

Early Spring, Mid Summer, and Late Fall

Application Rate : 200 lbs per acre

Covers 5,445 square feet






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Customer Reviews

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William Williams
Great stuff

I've applied two rounds of this to my 1 year old lawn. Even in June heat I've maintained color and growth with watering. I'm dang near bailing hey while other lawns are going dormant.

Lawn is looking great! Thanks for the photos and the review!

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