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Golf course managers deal with tough diseases affecting the turf all year long. Traction pumps the brakes on fungal diseases, eliminating them and achieving maximum control through every season. It can be used alone or in rotation to deliver protection against the most common turf diseases and algal scum. With one late-season application, Traction fungicide successfully improves turf quality and color.

How Traction Fungicide Works

Traction fungicide contains proprietary FRAC group 29 and FRAC group 3 active ingredients to deliver exceptional disease control. Fluazinam has no resistance and effectively targets the diseases where they've developed. Tebuconazole is systemic and attacks the diseases from within the turf, providing both curative and preventive control. Together, these ingredients kill, prevent or suppress dozens of fungal pathogens that affect the turfgrass.

Where to Use Traction Fungicide

Traction fungicide is made to control fungal diseases on golf courses. It's specialized formulation makes it safe to use on most every part of the golf course, including the greens, tees, aprons, fairways and roughs. It's appropriate for both cool- and warm-season turf and can be applied with other fungicides for improved disease resistance management. It works on contact and systemically to deliver maximum results against the most challenging turf diseases on the golf course. Using Traction helps golf course managers improve the turf while reducing labor and treatment costs each year.

Target Diseases

Traction controls 19 different fungal diseases and suppresses algal scum. It's very effective against anthracnose and brown blight, including brown patch and brown ring patch. Use it to combat copper spot, dollar spot and gray leaf spot, as well as gray snow mold. It cures and prevents fusarium patch, large patch and pink patch, as well as leaf spot, pink snow mold and powdery mildew. Some other common diseases include red thread, stem rust, stripe smut and zoysia patch.

Traction Fungicide Features and Benefits

The two active ingredients in Traction fungicide make it a formidable opponent against 19 different turf diseases, as well as algal scum. It kills and prevents everything from anthracnose to zoysia patch, working on contact and systemically to provide the most effective control. It comes in a convenient premix formulation and can be used across the entire golf course. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Promotes healthy, dark green turfgrass
  • Includes two active ingredients for improved turf management
  • Performs well against major turfgrass diseases
  • For use as-is or in rotation with labeled fungicides and turf management products
  • Provides broad-spectrum curative and preventive control

Traction Belongs in a Disease-Resistance Program

Traction fungicide improves turf quality and color, promotes healthier grass and protects against fungal outbreaks. One application is enough to kill and control snow mold on cool- and warm-season turf. It kills and controls everything from brown patch to dollar spot and delivers high-quality turf throughout the summer. Its proprietary blend is perfect for use in resistant management programs. Whether it's to treat an anthracnose infection or to suppress algal scum, Traction fungicide is the go-to product for keeping the golf course healthy, green and disease free.





Active Ingredient

Fluazinam 17%

Tebuconazole 17.6%

Container Size

2.5 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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