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Tourney fungicide is tough against fungal diseases. The active ingredient works quickly to control the diseases while also providing residual control against reinfections. It can be used everywhere from residential lawns to golf courses and doesn't require a tank-mix to be effective.

How Tourney Fungicide Works

Tourney Turf fungicide comes in a water-dispersible formulation and contains 50 percent metconazole as the active ingredient. It's an ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor, disrupting fungal cell membrane development and growth. It works on a variety of turf and ornamental diseases and has quick uptake for fast, long-lasting control.

Where to Use Tourney Turf Fungicide

Tourney fungicide is labeled for use on a variety of turf and ornamental sites. Use it to control diseases around residential and commercial buildings, as well as institutional, municipal and industrial grounds. It can be applied to the turf and ornamentals in parks and other recreational sites, including athletic fields and golf courses. It may also be used on sod farms.

Target Diseases

Apply Tourney Turf fungicide as a foliar spray or a drench to target various diseases that cause damage to lawns and plants. It can be used in ornamental greenhouses, landscaped areas and turfgrasses like annual bluegrass and zoysia. Some of the target diseases include:

  • Anthracnose
  • Crown rot
  • Dollar spot
  • Powdery mildew
  • Summer patch

Tourney Features and Benefits

The quick uptake and fast mode of action make Tourney the ultimate product in stopping and controlling fungal diseases. It works quickly and can be used throughout various lawns, landscapes and ornamental sites. Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • Multiple application methods
  • Controls numerous spots, patches and other diseases
  • Can be used in greenhouses and nurseries

Fight Turf Diseases with Tourney

Fungal diseases not only ruin lawns and plants but also hurt profits for growers. Tourney has a unique mode of action to stop, control and prevent fungal infections. It can be applied as a foliar spray directly to the plants and turf or as a drench to target tough diseases at the source.





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