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Greenhouse plants, nursery plantings and other foliage will benefit from the power of JetShield™. It's an OMRI surfactant and can be used with most pesticides, plant nutrient products, liquid fertilizers and more. There's something different about JetShield. It's not like all the other surfactants out there. It works better and provides greater and more even spreading over the plant's surface.

What makes it better? It's the specialized formulation that reduces uneven distribution and deposition of the product onto the leaf surface. It breaks the surface tension and spreads more uniformly, making whatever product you're using it with more effective.

How JetShield Works

This surfactant contains 100 percent of the active ingredient polyethers and no inactive substances. It's a type of adjuvant used in the tank with many different products, from herbicides to plant nutrients. It's a nonionic, organic organosilicone surfactant that can be combined in tank mixes or used alone. What it does is reduce the surface tension and help the droplets spread out more evenly over a large area.

When it's combined in the tank, it improves total spray coverage by up to two times and helps fungicides, herbicides and other products to penetrate dense canopies in the greenhouse. It also helps to promote greater product absorption and efficacy when used as directed.

Where to Use JetShield Adjuvant

JetShield isn't a weed killer, nor is it a pesticide or a plant nutrient product. It's a surfactant that can be combined with other products to improve or simply enhance their effectiveness. It can be used for a variety of applications and on many different sites, including the entire landscape of a golf course.

It's perfectly suited for use on home lawns and other residential turf sites, such as apartment complexes and retirement communities. It can be used across a wide range of athletic fields and recreational sites, including parks and playgrounds. It can even be applied on sod farms and in transplanted crops.

When used in combination with pest control products, it helps them to spread more evenly over the application area and also reduces the need for reapplications.

Some of the most common places to use JetShield with other products include:

  • Greenhouses
  • Pastures
  • Roadsides
  • Sports turf
  • Trees

It's the perfect adjuvant for vegetation management professionals who want to increase the performance of their products while limiting the amount needed per application.

Target Uses

So why use JetShield adjuvant? Though it doesn't provide many benefits on its own, it greatly and significantly increases the efficacy of the applied product. It can be applied before watering the plants to help the water reach farther into the canopy. It can be applied with insecticides to help the particles distribute more evenly on the surface. It increases surface spreading and helps fungicides, plant nutrients and other products work better with fewer applications.

Breaking the surface tension is one of the main reasons to use a surfactant like JetShield. It overcomes the water surface tension and allows pesticides and other products to disperse more evenly on the surface, helping it to reach its intended target.

JetShield Features and Benefits

What makes JetShield better than other surfactants on the market? It improves spray coverage by more than two times the average. It not only increases efficacy but also absorption of pesticides on the application sites. It can be used for turf management programs, aquatics and alternative crops. It mixes with most any product and promotes faster spreading than similar adjuvants out there.

Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • Greatly reduces the surface tension
  • Allows the droplets to spread out over a larger area
  • Reaches far into dense canopies for better coverage
  • Provides uniform distribution and absorption
  • Improves coverage and uptake

Improve Spray Coverage with JetShield

It doesn't take a lot to see why so many professionals combine JetShield in their tank mixes. Pesticides are often costly, so there's a need to use only the required amount when they're applied. It's not uncommon to see pros applying a second spray because the first spray didn't provide total coverage.

JetShield changes all that.

Don't waste products or spend more money than necessary to apply pesticides, fertilizers and other sprays. Use JetShield nonionic, organosilicone surfactant to improve applications. It promotes faster spreading, more uniform distribution, and better absorption of spray products up to two times in most cases. Whether it's time to treat golf course turf for fungal diseases or to apply liquid fertilizers on the lawn, get better results with JetShield in the tank.


Manufacturer Heritage PPG Professional
Active Ingredient Polyether and polyether-polymethylsiloxane-copolymer
Composition 100%
Container Size One gallon Jug or Quart Jug
Application Amount See label for details.
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