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The soil doesn't always contain the proper amount of nutrients to boost plant and turf health. Gravity® S MicroGuard introduces nutrients back into the soil to make turf and plants greener and healthier. It's a 100 percent soluble fertilizer with EDTA chelation to increase plant uptake and to help the nutrients last longer in the soil. MicroGuard contains several foliar micronutrients and is perfect for turf management programs.

How Gravity S MicroGuard Works

Gravity S MicroGuard is a turf and ornamental foliar micronutrient product. It contains magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc, with each element in EDTA form. These micronutrients replenish the soil and help the turf and plants resist negative conditions like chlorosis, a yellowing of the leaf tissue. It enhances color and greening response in turf and ornamentals while the EDTA chelation reduces nutrient binding by the soil, increasing overall plant availability.

Where to Use Gravity S MicroGuard

Gravity S MicroGuard is the ideal micronutrient product for golf course turf management programs. It can be used on greens and tees, fairways and roughs, and other turf areas composed of bluegrass, tall fescue and other labeled grasses. It can also be used for residential and commercial lawns and gardens, as well as trees and ornamentals. It can be tank-mixed with other products and works well with Droplex adjuvant to reduce drift and to optimize coverage and deposition.

Target Uses

Foliar micronutrients are vital for turf and plant health, growth and development. If the plants lack proper micronutrients, they develop deficiencies that could lead to abnormalities and reduced growth, as well as yield loss in some cases. Even adding a small quantity of the micronutrients directly onto the plant or into the soil can positively affect overall plant growth. Use Gravity S MicroGuard to improve turf and ornamental health on home lawns, golf courses and other turf areas.

Gravity S MicroGuard Benefits

Gravity S MicroGuard is beneficial to turfgrass, ornamentals, lawns and trees. The blend of EDTA-chelated micronutrients makes it a must-have product in any turf management program. It can be tank-mixed with pesticides and other foliar nutrient products, preventing deficiencies in the plants. Some features and benefits of MicroGuard include:

  • Provides enhanced color and greening response
  • Can be used on golf course tees, greens and fairways
  • Helps prevent nutrient deficiencies in lawns and ornamentals
  • Improves nutrient availability in the soil
  • Contains EDTA chelation for increased longevity of the micronutrients

Improve Nutrient Availability with Micro Guard

It's always important to conduct a jar test before applying MicroGuard to a large scale application. When used as directed, it can prevent or correct a specific deficiency in the turf and plants. It can be applied alone or as a tank-mix partner with other products in a turf management program. Whether it's for use on the golf course or to improve the ornamentals around homes and businesses, Gravity S MicroGuard improves overall turf health, color, growth and development.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Fertilizer
Active Ingredient Magnesium, Boron,Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc, Other Ingredients
Container Size 25 lb Pail
Application Amount See label for details.


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