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Supplementing the soil with vital nutrients is an effective way to boost turf growth and development. Gravity G Starter fertilizer contains a high load of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium to boost the turf's growth in the first season. Consider adding Gravity G Starter to the soil when applying new turf seed, such as Artimuss tall fescue blend.

How Gravity G Starter Works

Gravity G Starter contains 18 percent nitrogen for increased growth, 24 percent phosphate for healthy roots and stems, and 12 percent potassium for disease resistance. When applied uniformly with a spreader and watered, the granules penetrate the soil and release the nutrients to the turf seed and existing grass, helping to boost its development.

Where to Use Gravity G Starter

Gravity G Starter granular fertilizer is only for non-agricultural use. Apply it on lawns and gardens when seeding or repairing existing turf. It encourages sites to grow quickly and may help with green-ups on golf course turf. Apply it at 0.5 to 1 pound per 1,000 square feet. One 50-pound bag covers approximately 11,990 square feet.

Benefits and Features

  • High nutrient load
  • Perfect for newly planted turf
  • For use on lawns, gardens and golf course turfgrass

Gravity G Starter for New Turf

From home lawns to golf courses, Gravity G Starter is a recommended fertilizer for boosting turf growth, health and stress resistance. It's easy to apply with a manual spreader, though it may be necessary to adjust walking speed, product amount and spreader condition to get the best results.

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