Sustane Bolster 4-4-4 + Iron with Mycorrhizae


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Sustane Bolster is a granular fertilizer with the right nutrient load and additional components to improve turf health and development. It has a balanced nutrient ratio and added plant biostimulants to provide rapid root development while also protecting the roots from drought and other stresses. Whether it's for a golf course green or another fine turfgrass site, Bolster Granular 4-4-4 is the ultimate turf starter fertilizer for the job.

What's in Sustane Bolster Granular?

Bolster Granular contains a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphate and potash (K2O) at 4 percent each. It also includes 3 percent chelated iron that the turf needs for photosynthesis, improving its overall health. The nitrogen is available in a slow-release formulation, so there's no worry about burning the turf. Bolster also contains VA mycorrhizae, a naturally occurring fungus that brings nutrients to the roots and protects against pathogens.

Where to Use Sustane 4-4-4

Bolster is ideal for use in all turf establishment applications. Use it when establishing new turf to improve growth and to protect against stresses caused by weather, transplanting or pathogens. It can be used when seeding or when laying sod for new lawn construction. It's also perfect for sprigging Bermudagrass and other turf. It's safe to use and doesn't burn or discolor the turfgrass. Bolster is a natural fertilizer and designed for all turfgrass and landscape plantings in a variety of settings.

Target Uses

Sustane Bolster 4-4-4 is the perfect fertilizer to use when starting new turf. It contains a synergistic blend of growth factors and biostimulants to promote rapid root growth and development. It also has mycorrhizae, added iron and other components to protect the roots from stress, transplant shock and poor weather conditions, as well as fungal pathogens. When incorporated into the root zone, it provides exceptional benefits to the turf and delivers outstanding results every time.

Sustane Bolster Features and Benefits

Bolster Granular 4-4-4 with iron contains beneficial bacteria and biostimulants to improve turf health and development. It's specially formulated to reduce transplant shock and to protect the roots from drought stress while also promoting rapid root development. It also has slow-release nitrogen and won't burn or discolor the grass. Some of the major features and benefits of Sustane Bolster Granular 4-4-4 include:

  • Provides rapid green-up with up to eight weeks of even color
  • Strengthens the turf's tolerance against drought conditions
  • Helps the soil suppress fungal pathogens
  • Improves the soil's nutrient- and water-holding capacity
  • Promotes beneficial microbial populations in the soil
  • Encourages stronger root development

Sustane Bolster Provides Fast Green-Up

Sustane Bolster Granular 4-4-4 turf starter fertilizer contains beneficial fungi and vital nutrients for plant health. It's a safe alternative to other nitrogen-based fertilizers because of its slow-release formula. It won't burn or discolor the grass. It protects the roots from drought stress, reduces shock from transplanting and promotes fast root development. When applied as directed, Bolster provides quick green-up and continues to make the grass look green and grow evenly for up to eight weeks. It's the perfect product to use in any turf establishment program.

Manufacturer Sustane
Active Ingredient Nitrogen, Available Phosphate, Soluble Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron
Composition 4%, 4%, 4%, 4%, 4%, .5% 1%, 3%
Container Size 50lb bag
Application Amount See label for details.


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Sustane Bolster 4-4-4 + Iron with Mycorrhizae

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