Will Using Droplex® Adjuvant Enhance Pesticide Performance?
Will Using Droplex® Adjuvant Enhance Pesticide Performance?

Why do some turf management and pest control professionals get better results than others? Are they using some secret mixture in their spray tanks? The simple answer – probably.

Most professionals combine their herbicides, insecticides, plant nutrients and other products with an adjuvant. If you want the same results as the professionals, get to know Droplex and Droplex Xtra adjuvants.

What is an Adjuvant?

Let's go over what adjuvants are and are not for those who are new to the industry and want to learn about these helpful products. In short – an adjuvant is simply a substance that's added to the spray tank to improve the overall performance of the pesticide.

Adjuvants can be used in the tank with everything from plant growth stimulants to fungicides. They are not, however, a beneficial substance for turf, plants and trees on their own. They don't provide nutrients or advantages on the application site other than to make whatever product you're using perform better.

How Do Adjuvants Work?

Adjuvants come in different types and are used for a specific purpose. Some examples are surfactants, defoaming agents, oils and drift control agents. Depending on the type, the adjuvant may reduce drift when spraying pesticides. It may keep the pesticide from foaming over, or it may help the pesticide stick or spread across the surface.

Why Use Droplex Adjuvant with Pesticides?

Droplex is a type of adjuvant that aids in the deposition of the pesticide or other product onto the plant. It helps the spray distribute more uniformly throughout the canopy while also minimizing drift of the spray. You want to use Droplex or Droplex Xtra adjuvant to maximize pesticide performance. Using these products in the spray tank will also reduce the amount of evaporation of the pesticides when they're applied by air or ground.

Droplex or Droplex Xtra Adjuvant: What's the Difference?

Droplex and Droplex Xtra adjuvants both provide the same benefits when combined in the spray tank. They aid in the movement of spray particles to the plant while minimizing drift and improving deposition, which is the depositing of spray droplets onto the surface of the plant.

What makes them different is the addition of Gulfstream® adjuvant in Droplex Xtra. Gulfstream is a low-foaming, spreader-activator with buffering agents. It increases contact activity by reducing the surface tension on the plant. The waxy coating on the leaves makes it hard for pesticides to penetrate the surface. Adding Gulfstream adjuvant removes the tension and helps herbicides and other products absorb more easily into the plant.

The buffering agents in Gulfstream adjuvant also lower the pH levels of the spray solution. Both Droplex and Droplex Xtra are spray adjuvants and compatible with most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other labeled products in the spray tank.

Get Better Results with Droplex Adjuvants

Using Droplex adjuvants in the spray tank will enhance pesticide performance, as well as help the plants to absorb foliar nutrients more easily. Which one you use depends on the application, but both will provide the same benefits when applied to turf, trees, crops and other sites.

If you want to reduce drift, maximize spray coverage and increase the uptake of the mixture into the plants, combine Droplex or Droplex Xtra adjuvants in the tank with your preferred pesticide of choice.

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