Meet our Team

WinField United wouldn't succeed on a daily basis if it weren't for our customers. We also wouldn't be able to meet and live up to our customers' expectations without the people who work behind the scenes.

If you've done any business with us at any time, you interacted with many of our hard-working employees. Whether it's customer service pros or warehouse managers, each person plays a big part in what we do and who we are as a company.

We'd like for you to meet some of those people who bridge the gap between WinField United and all of our loyal customers. So without further adieu, let's meet them!

Amanda McNeilly

Amanda is our ASC Manager from Sutton, Massachusetts. She's been with us since October 2017 and often travels to different WinField locations to work with and meet our talented and diverse group of people. She has a Bachelors of Science in Earth Science with a concentration in Environmental Geoscience.

Not many people know this, but she's a Space Camp graduate and was able to watch the space shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral before the fleet was retired in 2011. She has also watched the Atlas V rocket launch from Kennedy Space Center. She's a total science geek (her words, not ours!), and we're so happy to have her as part of our team.

Ryan Keel

Ryan is our Regional Operations Manager in Apopka, Florida. He has been with WinField for nine years and will tell you himself how much he enjoys satisfying his customers. He takes his role head-on and lives for coaching and developing his team for maximum achievement.

He was born and raised in Florida and loves ice hockey. Not only does he enjoy watching his hometown Tampa Bay Lightning destroy opponents on the ice, but he also loves playing recreationally and has since he was 18. He also has an identical twin brother, and they both had fraternal twin boys! We love having Ryan in the WinField family.

Matt Story

Matt's role is E-commerce and Intermediate Warehouse in Oklahoma City. He has been with us for three years on May 18, 2021 and loves working with his team and manager, Tim Paxton. In Matt's own words, "Tim Paxton is the best boss I have ever had." We love hearing that!

Matt is recently married and has a son who plays soccer in high school. Matt is a daredevil and has won two buckles in bull riding. He also has one plate with nine screws in his left collarbone because of it! He's a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University as of March 1st and has an associate's degree in business. He strives to be a role model to his son, and we think that's fantastic. He's a great member of our team!

Michelle Whitehorse-McMillan

Michelle is a customer service representative from Longmont, Colorado. She has been with WinField for five years. Most people feel stressed in customer service, but not Michelle. She says her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to work alongside her colleagues and building relationships with customers. She enjoys getting to know all the different personalities in everyone, not just in the office but everyone she speaks with on the phone. She has such a great attitude!

She's a mother of four teenagers and her hamster, Rojo. That's funny and sweet! It's kind of a hobby of hers, and she says, "I learned that hamsters do have their own personalities as well and can be picky at times, only if you allow it. I did, however, potty train him, and I definitely do brag about that one." Wow! She's definitely a unique and talented person, and we're glad she's with us here at WinField!

Rob Beausoleil

Rob works in the warehouse and is an expert driver in Sutton, Massachusetts. He has been with WinField for six years and loves interacting with customers and his fellow colleagues. In fact, it's his favorite part of the job.

Cooking is one of his many passions and enjoys making many delicious meals. He also enjoys camping with his girlfriend Susan, as well as with their families. He's a great guy and someone we appreciate at WinField.

Brenda Neely

Brenda is a customer service representative from Carrollton, Texas. She has been with us since 1994, so 27 years! To hear her tell it, "The best part of my job is the wonderful people I enjoy interacting with daily, from co-workers to customers. We work together as a team taking care of our customers who feel like neighbors regardless of the miles. I enjoy that WinField provides continued opportunities to grow on a business and personal level, and they truly care about improvements for customer service." We appreciate Brenda so much!

On a personal level, Brenda has one daughter with her husband, and she enjoys wood-working, painting, crafting and teaching children in Sunday School. She still attends Bible Study Fellowship, though virtually for now, and devotes her time not only to WinField but also to her daughter and her passions. Thank you, Brenda, for being a great asset to WinField.

Our WinField Team

Thank you all. We value everyone at WinField and wanted to share a little bit of your stories to the customers who may or may not have interacted with you directly.

There you have it. Just a few of the people in front of and behind the scenes who make what we do here at WinField possible.

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