Why should you partake in our Early Order Program?


That word gets tossed around a lot, especially in markets such as the car industry, whereby if you buy the same brand name car over and over again, you build loyalty with the dealer and receive a discount.

Well, we hear you and want to make sure to reward our loyal customers with incentives worth talking about.

Our Early Order Program

We've created the Early Order Program (EOP) for customers who purchase a certain amount of product from October 1, 2021 through December 10, 2021.

WinField United Golf, Lawn Care, Ornamental and Sports Turf customers who purchase at least $5,000 worth of products from QUALIFYING SUPPLIERS will receive our top incentives, such as rebates and gift cards.

To qualify, you must also purchase a minimum of $1,000 worth of Qualifying WinField United branded products. You can find qualifying products on the 2021 WinField United product list.

Any other benefits you should know about? Absolutely.

You can earn rebates up to 6 percent on your qualifying purchases. Not only that, but you can also make payments on your terms. Qualifying purchases are eligible for extended payment terms through June 24, 2022. This means you can make your purchase during the EOP and defer your payments until a later date.

What else?

If you make your qualifying purchases during the EOP, you can also earn $25 in gift cards for every $1,000 you spend on qualifying WinField United branded products.

So who are the qualifying suppliers?

While we have our own Early Order Program offering, other manufacturers and vendors also have their own "programs." Take a look at all the qualifying suppliers here:

  • Aquatrols
  • Bayer
  • BASF
  • Civitas
  • Corveta
  • FMC
  • Grigg
  • Nufarm
  • OHP
  • PBI Gordon
  • Quali-Pro
  • Sepro
  • Syngenta
  • WinField United

Which WinField United products qualify?

We have so many qualifying products available for you. Everything from adjuvants and colorants to herbicides, fertilizers and plant growth regulators qualify for our EOP.

Not only that, but we also have Pack Offerings, which consist of proprietary formulations with university-tested performance, such as the Northern Greens Pack with foliar feeding and root health products. We have Seed Starter Packs, Wetting Agent Packs, Herbicide Packs and more, all of which qualify for our EOP and are backed with rebates and other incentives.

Program Terms and Conditions

Check out the terms and conditions:

  1. In order to qualify and earn a rebate, customers must purchase a minimum of $1,000 of WinField United Qualifying Products during the EOP time frame.
  2. Qualifying Participants will earn a rebate in the form of rebate to their account on all of their EOP purchases. Participants’ rebate percentage is determined by the dollar value of Qualifying Products they purchase during the EOP time frame. Program benefits are in addition to any Supplier Early Order Programs.
  3. Purchases of Agency and MSRP Products will not receive rebates.
  4. In order to qualify for a rebate during the months of October, November and December 2021, customers must make a minimum $5,000 product purchase from Qualifying Suppliers.
  5. Received as credit to account.
  6. All Program awards are subject to participant compliance with Program rules. All accounts must be “current” as of August 5, 2022 in order to receive a credit on their WinField United account.
  7. Credits earned from purchases made during the EOP will be applied by August 19, 2022.
  8. Prices for qualifying products must be based on current Winfield United Published Pricing at time of purchase. Purchases with special pricing may not receive a rebate.
  9. Customer will receive electronic gift card(s) contingent upon completion of customer information webform. Electronic gift card(s) will be emailed by March 2022.

We hope everyone is excited to take part in our EOP. Take advantage of our pack offerings and individual products, as well as other vendors' offerings from October 1st through December 10th, 2021.

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