Alternatives for overseeding? Turf pigments and colorants might be the answer.

Who doesn't love seeding and reseeding their turf? The joy of maintaining a turf area is like no other, especially when it's time well-spent in the yard knowing it will lead to thick, lush and vibrant turf. Even golf course superintendents and recreational turf managers spend many days and hours getting their turf to look its best.

But what happens when all the seeds go missing and you can't fill in localized dry spots or dead-looking grass?

Where are All the Seeds?

A seed shortage has struck the country at an alarming rate, but why? Ever since Covid-19 happened, more people than ever have been stuck at home, which has led to more demand for lawn nutrients, supplies and seeds.

On top of that, the seed crops in Oregon have fallen victim to extreme heat and drought. When you can't get enough water on the seed crops, you can't get enough seeds to supply the demand.

Another problem has been buyouts. Larger companies continue to purchase smaller seed companies to ensure they can meet the demand of their customers. For instance, Scott's has recently purchased an Oregon-based seed company and took away as much as 60 million pounds of seed from the market.

Seed Shortages Lead to Alternatives

Just because there's not enough seed to go around doesn't mean you can't maintain the look of your home lawns, golf courses, sports turf and other turf areas.

There is an alternative…

It's called turf colorant, and it will change how you maintain your lawn's overall appearance and health.

Turf colorant, also called turf pigment, is a liquid dye that transforms the look of the turf. You may have even heard it called "lawn paint." It can be used to cover up dry spots, to hide stressed areas or to give a pop of green to otherwise dormant grass in the off-season.

Some pigments can even positively affect turf health, such as blocking UV rays to reduce stress. You can also combine them with fungicides to treat the turf while also improving its appearance.

The Best Turf Pigments

Turf pigments might not be a substitute for turf seeds, but they come in handy for localized touch-ups, dormant turf, stressed lawns and a quick spring green-up. You can find some of the best turf colorants and pigments on the market right here at Heritage PPG. We carry our very own line of pigments, which include:

Mystic SPI is a spray pattern indicator, which makes it easier to see your spray applications on the turf. While it's mostly used to help assist when spraying fungicides or herbicides, Mystic Verdant is used to improve the visual color of the turf.

It can be used on most turf species* and works well on dormant turf. The same can be said about Mystic Hue, a turf pigment, which make the turf grass green and healthy during extended periods of dormancy or stress.

*the word most is due to matching exact color of specific types of turf

Lack of Seed? No Worries with Heritage PPG

No seed? No problem. Use Heritage PPG's turf colorants and pigments. You can use them alone or with fungicides on home lawns, golf courses, recreational turf and more. They improve the look of the lawn and can even protect against turf stress when used as directed.

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