Mystic HC, Strike 3, and Droplex Xtra Jugs

Maintaining a healthy lawn or ornamental garden can be a challenging task, especially with the presence of tough-to-control weeds. Fortunately, with the combination of Strike 3 herbicide and Droplex Xtra, weed control has never been easier or more effective.

What Is Strike 3?

Strike 3 is a powerful herbicide that contains three active ingredients for systemic control of hard-to-kill weeds. It's ideal for use on a variety of turfgrass sites and noncrop areas, including sod farms, golf courses, nursery farms, and ornamental plantscapes. It can be used to eliminate invasive weeds like dandelion, spurge, clover, and henbit, among others. The herbicide works by killing the weeds from the shoots to the roots, burning them down from the inside out.

Droplex Xtra Enhances Your Pesticides

However, for enhanced effectiveness, Strike 3 should be used in combination with Droplex Xtra, an adjuvant that provides superior spreading, sticking, and drift management. It's more than just an adjuvant; it's a spreader-sticker that combines the benefits of standard Droplex with the power of Gulfstream, making it the ultimate drift management product on the market. Droplex Xtra reduces drift, aids in the deposition of spray droplets on the plant, and helps the pesticide move through the entire canopy.

Together, Strike 3 and Droplex Xtra create a powerful adjuvant system for use in recreational, commercial, agricultural, and other settings. This combination not only enhances the effectiveness of pesticides and plant nutrients but also improves spreading and sticking of spray droplets, penetrates dense canopies, and manages drift to get the most out of pesticide use.

Some benefits of Droplex Xtra include its ability to improve the effectiveness of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant nutrients, and other products. It also reduces the smell of some pesticides and the UV breakdown, helping the product to last longer and work more effectively.

Add Mystic Products to Power Up Your Game

In addition to the powerful combination of Strike 3 herbicide and Droplex Xtra, Heritage PPG also offers a range of proprietary products that can help lawn care and pest control professionals, as well as golf course superintendents, achieve optimal results. Mystic Hue and Mystic Verdant are green colorants that can be added to pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to give them a green tint, making them look like actively growing grass. This helps professionals ensure that they are applying their products evenly, and it also helps them avoid over-spraying or under-spraying.

Similarly, Mystic Blue and Black are lake dyes that transform dull-looking water into a beautiful, vibrant blue or black. These lake dyes can be used in golf course water features, fountains, or any other body of water that could benefit from a visual enhancement. By adding Mystic Blue or Black, water features will stand out, making a statement on golf courses or other landscapes.

Lastly, Heritage PPG offers Mystic HC, a spray pattern indicator that is useful for tank mixes when professionals need to see where they have sprayed or not sprayed their pesticides. This proprietary product is especially useful when applying herbicides or other products to large areas, where it can be difficult to keep track of which areas have been covered. Mystic HC can help prevent under or over-spraying, ensuring that professionals are using their products as efficiently as possible.

Do More With Heritage PPG

Heritage PPG offers a range of proprietary products that are essential for lawn care and pest control professionals, as well as golf course superintendents. From green colorants that look like actively growing grass, to lake dyes that transform dull-looking water into a beautiful, vibrant blue or black, these products are designed to help professionals achieve optimal results.

And with the addition of Mystic HC, professionals can ensure that they are using their products efficiently and effectively, avoiding over-spraying or under-spraying. These products are a testament to Heritage PPG's commitment to providing the best possible solutions for all our customers' needs.

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