Planting Trees and Flowers? Try These Products for the Best Results
If you're looking to improve the health and vibrancy of your newly planted palms, trees or seasonal flowers, it's important to choose the right products to provide the necessary nutrients and support. We spoke with John Cabori, Sales Rep and Territory Manager at Heritage PPG, to get his recommendations on some of the best products to use for planting and maintaining healthy plants.

For Palms:
When planting palms, Cabori recommends using Palm Saver, a granular fertilizer that contains beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi with an NPK of 6-3-6. This fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for both planting and transplanting palm trees and tropical plants. For long-term feeding, he suggests using U-Form urea formaldehyde, which slowly releases nitrogen over a period of several months.

To provide immediate availability of potassium, Cabori recommends using potassium sulfate, which also includes a small amount of sulfur. To address micronutrient deficiencies, he recommends using a combination of 5% iron, 4% manganese, and 2% magnesium. This fertilizer also contains beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, mycorrhizae, kelp meal, and humic acids to improve soil and plant health.

For Trees:
When planting trees, shrubs, or flowers, Cabori recommends using Tree Saver, a granular soil amendment that contains beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. This product improves soil and plant health and is also suitable for transplanting. Alternatively, he suggests using planting tablets for quick and easy application.

For Seasonal Color:
To improve seasonal color in your garden, Cabori recommends using ColorScapes 19-13-6 or Heritage PPG's 14-14-14/micros/61MU, 46 Black, or Pro Peat 11-11-11. These fertilizers provide the necessary nutrients for vibrant and healthy flowers. He also suggests using Subdue to prevent and control fungal diseases, followed by drenching with Gravity L Amp/Gravity SL PGS once a month to maintain plant health.

By using these recommended products, you can ensure that your palms, trees, and seasonal flowers receive the necessary nutrients and support for healthy growth and vibrant color. Remember to always follow the recommended application rates and schedules for best results.

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