Revolutionize Your Turf and Ornamental Care: The Products You Need

From landscapers to turf managers, the quest for perfect, green, and lush environments is a constant. Heritage PPG offers a trio of products designed to transform your turf and ornamental care — Gulfstream® Free, Gravity® L 38 Special, and Turbulence®. Each offers unique benefits designed to optimize plant health, application efficiency, and weed control.

Gulfstream Free: The Future of Spreader, Sticker, and Buffering Agents

Gulfstream Free is a next-generation adjuvant that enhances the performance of plant protectants such as pesticides and fertilizers. It achieves this by improving spray coverage, reducing droplet surface tension, and promoting superior adhesion to leaves.

Utilizing proprietary technology, Gulfstream Free delivers uniform spray coverage, resulting in improved absorption by leaves and thorough wetting of leaf surfaces. This feature, combined with its ability to reduce the smell of certain pesticides and minimize UV breakdown, makes Gulfstream Free an excellent choice for turf and ornamental professionals seeking to increase the effectiveness of their spray applications.

  • Enhances contact activity
  • Reduces spray droplet surface tension
  • Improves spray adhesion
  • Reduces pesticide odor and UV breakdown
  • Contains buffering agents that optimize spray solution pH
  • Free from nonylphenols (NPEs), promoting environmentally conscious use

Gravity L 38 Special: A Proactive Approach to Plant Health and Growth

Gravity L 38 Special is a liquid formulation that delivers highly soluble nutrients, specifically designed to bolster plant health and growth. It contains two essential nutrients—nitrogen and potassium—that protect against drought and damage in high-traffic areas.

Gravity L 38 Special acts immediately upon application, providing plants with the crucial nutrients they need. It's ideal for use in most turf, ornamental, and horticultural applications and can be used as a supplemental fertilizer treatment whenever your soil or plant tissues test shows a need for additional nutrients.

  • Contains highly soluble nutrients for improved plant health
  • Offers protection against drought and other adverse conditions
  • Complements any turf fertility program
  • Contains amino acids and chelators for improved mixing

Turbulence: Enhancing Herbicide Performance

Turbulence is a unique adjuvant designed to boost the effectiveness of herbicides, ensuring uniform distribution on the target weeds. Composed of a special blend of refined and modified vegetable oil and a superior nonionic surfactant, Turbulence assists with absorption on leaf and stem surfaces, enhancing herbicide performance on perennial weeds and woody brush.

Ideal for use with any post-emergent herbicide, Turbulence improves the wetting characteristics of the spray solution, resulting in a more consistent spray deposit on the weeds. This leads to more effective weed control, even in challenging conditions.

  • Improves the spread and absorption of herbicides
  • Promotes more uniform distribution on weed surfaces
  • Enhances herbicide performance potential
  • Works well with most post-emergent herbicides

Enhance Your Turf and Ornamental Care with Heritage PPG

Through the use of Gulfstream Free, Gravity L 38 Special, and Turbulence, professionals can transform their approach to turf and ornamental care. Gulfstream Free improves the effectiveness of your plant protectants, Gravity L 38 Special bolsters plant health, and Turbulence optimizes weed control. The result is healthier, more vibrant plants, and ultimately, a more beautiful and robust landscape. Trust Heritage PPG to deliver the solutions you need for an effective and efficient turf and ornamental management operation.

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