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Gravity® L 38 Special is a liquid formulation of highly soluble nutrients for plant health and growth. It contains two vital nutrients that protect against drought and other poor conditions, as well as damage in high-traffic areas. It comes in a 2.5-gallon jug and is easily applied to the plants through spray applications.

How Gravity L 38 Special Works

Gravity L 38 Special contains 5 percent nitrogen and 15 percent soluble potash. If more potassium is needed, use Gravity L 02-00-21. Gravity L 38 Special is beneficial to plant health as it provides the plants with nitrogen and potassium for developing stronger roots. It can be used right away and is immediately available for absorption by the plants' foliage and root system.

Where to Use Gravity L 38 Special

Gravity L 38 Special is specially formulated for most turf, ornamental and horticultural applications. It's the perfect addition to any fertility program based on soil and tissue tests and can be used as a supplemental fertilizer treatment. Apply it to lawns and landscape ornamentals, as well as gardens and other plants that may show signs of nitrogen and potassium deficiencies. If plants show signs of yellowing or slow growth, they may lack the proper nutrients to resist poor conditions. Gravity L 38 Special could help restore overall turf and plant health.

Benefits of Gravity L 38 Special

Gravity L 38 Special contains the right amount of nitrogen and potassium for when the soil levels are okay but could use improvement. It complements any turf fertility program and has a high percentage of potassium phosphite to improve overall lawn health. Some features and benefits include:

  • Contains amino acids and chelators for improved mixing
  • Can be combined with other plant nutrient products
  • Protects against external stresses like drought and diseases

Gravity L 38 Special Promotes Plant Growth

Gravity L 38 Special contains a specialized phosphite formulation to boost the plant's responses to stressors such as drought and cold. The added chelators make it easy to mix in the spray tank with other products. Not only does it contain a highly soluble potash but also 5 percent nitrogen, which can help increase root strength, plant development and recovery times from stresses caused by the cold season. When the soil lacks the proper nutrients for plant health, Gravity L 38 Special is the right product for the job.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Liquid Fertilizer
Active Ingredient 5% Ammoniacal Nitrogen, Soluble Potash, Other Ingredients
Container Size 2.5 Gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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