Maintaining healthy and vibrant turfgrass requires careful attention to various factors such as soil type, climate, and nutrient needs. Different types of turfgrass and unique environmental conditions mean that a one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care is not suitable. That's why we offer a range of custom-tailored turfgrass management packs to meet the specific needs of your lawn.

From our Health is Wealth pack designed for micronutrient and herbicide needs, to the Overachiever pack, with pre- and post-herbicides and a wetting agent, each pack is uniquely formulated to optimize the health and beauty of your lawn. We have carefully crafted each pack to address the individual needs of different turf types, climates, and nutrient requirements.

Introducing Heritage Packs for Your Turfgrass

Green Practices

Green Practices is a comprehensive pack designed to improve turfgrass health and appearance. It includes two bags of PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP 50LB fertilizer and one bag of PN 11-11-11 MIC FWY PP 25LB fertilizer to provide essential nutrients for optimal growth. Additionally, the pack includes two herbicides, Fiesta 2.5G and FINALSAN 2.5G, to effectively control weeds. For insect control, the pack contains Essentria All-Purpose 1G and AzaGuard QT. JetShield is also included as an adjuvant to enhance the performance of the herbicides and insecticides. To complete the package, Antixx Plus PCO 25LB is included for effective pest control. With Green Practices, you can rest assured that your turfgrass will receive all the necessary treatments for healthy growth and appearance.

Health is Wealth

Introducing Health is Wealth, the perfect pack for achieving a healthy, lush turfgrass. This pack includes two 50lb bags of PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP fertilizer, along with one 25lb bag of PN 11-11-11 MIC FWY PP fertilizer. It also features a .5G bottle of Dimension 2EW herbicide and a quart of WU DROPLEX adjuvant for superior results. For added nutrition, there's a 2.5G bag of Gravity L Humic Base New micronutrient, as well as a 2.5G bag of Aquisync wetting agent. The pack also comes with a quart of PreFlight and a quart of PostFlight. And to ensure optimal soil health, the pack includes two AS Turf Elite Soil Tests. Get ready to achieve the greenest lawn yet with Health is Wealth.

Weed & Feed

Our Weed & Feed pack is designed to help you maintain a healthy and weed-free turfgrass. It includes one bag of our PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP 50LB fertilizer, formulated to provide your turf with essential nutrients for optimal growth. The pack also includes two effective herbicides: Prodimane 65 WDG 5LB and Strike Three 1G, to help control weeds and prevent their return. To ensure maximum efficacy, we've included Gulfstream Free QT adjuvant, which enhances the performance of the herbicides by improving their absorption and spreading on the leaves. And finally, we've added Postflight QT to help with the recovery of your turf after the herbicide applications. With our Weed & Feed pack, you can enjoy a lush and healthy lawn all season long.

Blue Ribbon

Introducing our Blue Ribbon pack, designed to help you achieve award-winning turfgrass. This pack includes one bag of our PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP 50LB fertilizer for healthy growth, and one bottle of Prodiamine 65 WDG 5LB herbicide to keep pesky weeds at bay. Our GulfStream Free QT adjuvant will help to enhance the effectiveness of your treatments. Additionally, we've included Acelepryn 4OZ insecticide and Antixx Plus PCO 5LB pest control to protect against damaging insects. Our PostFlight QT adjuvant will help to ensure your applications are distributed evenly. And with a Turf Elite Soil Test, you'll have the insights you need to make informed decisions about soil health. Trust in the Blue Ribbon pack for your best turfgrass yet.

Hot Turf Summer

Hot Turf Summer is a special pack designed to help turfgrass thrive even in the extreme heat of summer. The pack includes PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP 50LB fertilizer, which provides the nutrients that turfgrass needs to stay healthy and green. It also includes Aquisync 2.5G and Gravity L Micro 2.5G wetting agents, which help to retain moisture and distribute water evenly in the soil, preventing dry patches and promoting healthy root growth. In addition, the pack contains Gravity L Humic Base New 2.5G micronutrients, which help to enhance soil health and promote strong, vibrant turf. With the Hot Turf Summer pack, you can ensure that your turfgrass stays healthy and lush, even in the hottest, driest conditions.


The Overachiever pack is the ultimate solution for your turfgrass needs. With two bags of high-quality PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP fertilizer, you'll have everything you need to give your turf the nutrients it needs to thrive. Pre- and post-herbicides like Prodimane 65 WDG 5LB and SpeedZone Southern EW 1G help keep weeds at bay, while the Artimuss PGS50LB seed ensures a healthy, robust growth. Our Gravity SL PGS QT PGR helps control growth and our Aquisync 2.5G wetting agent improves water penetration for better overall health. We also include micronutrients with our Gravity L Hum Base NEW 2.5G and Gulfstream Free QT adjuvant to improve nutrient uptake. Finally, the ACELEPRYN GR 25LB insecticide provides top-notch pest control, while our Turf Elite Soil Tests give you the insights you need to optimize your turf health. And with Gravity S 34-0-12 MIC 25LB fertilizer, you'll be able to keep your turf looking its best all season long.

Overachiever Northern

Overachiever Northern is a pack specially designed for improving turfgrass in northern climates. It includes two 50lb bags of PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP fertilizer, as well as pre- and post-herbicides for controlling weeds. Also included is a 50lb bag of Artimuss PGS seed and Gravity SL PGS PGR to promote healthy growth. The pack also features Acelepryn GR 25LB insecticide to control pests, and Gravity S 34-0-12 MIC fertilizer to promote vigorous growth. Additionally, Aquisync 2.5G wetting agent and four Turf Elite Soil Tests are included to provide optimal soil conditions for healthy turf. With the Overachiever Northern pack, your turfgrass will be sure to thrive in northern climates.

Overachiever Liquid

Introducing Overachiever Liquid, a comprehensive pack designed to improve your turfgrass with liquid fertilizers and targeted herbicides. This pack includes two 50lb bags of PN 17-0-4 17S FWY PP fertilizer, along with pre-emergent herbicide Prodiamine 65 WDG 5LB and post-emergent herbicide SpeedZone Southern EW 1G. It also includes Artimuss PGS50LB seed, Gravity SL PGS QT PGR, Gravity L Humic Base New 2.5G micronutrient, Aquisync 2.5G wetting agent, and GulfStream Free QT and PreFlight 1QT and PostFlight QT adjuvants. To protect your turfgrass from pests, Overachiever Liquid provides two Acelepryn 4 oz. insecticides. And to ensure optimal growth, this pack also includes Gravity S 34-0-12 MIC 25LB fertilizer and four Turf Elite Soil Tests.

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