More Than Color: Mystic HC and Mystic SPI Blue

As a turf care expert and golf course superintendent, it is crucial to understand the differences between turf marking products like Mystic HC and Mystic SPI Blue. While both products serve the purpose of marking turf areas, they have different positional fits and should not be directly compared on the basis of color intensity alone.

Mystic HC is a dark blue dye primarily used for bare ground applications such as fence rows, around buildings, utility substations, and other similar areas. In these cases, a supervisor may need to approve an application and might not make the rounds for a few days or even weeks after it has been applied. The dark blue color of Mystic HC ensures high visibility and long-lasting marking, which makes it suitable for these types of applications.

Dark blue eggs are Mystic HC:

Dark blue eggs dyed with Mystic HC

Top @ 4 oz/100 GA

Middle @ 6 oz/100 GA

Bottom @ 8 oz/100 GA

On the other hand, Mystic SPI Blue is a lighter blue dye designed for marking over turf, specifically in golf course settings. This product does not need to be as dark or long-lasting as Mystic HC, as it is primarily used for temporary applications such as tracking spray patterns or identifying treated areas on turfgrass. Therefore, it should not be considered "weak" but rather a more appropriate and specialized product for turf marking.

Light blue eggs are Mystic SPI Blue:

Light blue eggs dyed with Mystic SPI Blue

Top @ 8 oz/100 GA

Middle @ 12 oz/100 GA

Bottom @ 16 oz/100 GA

Both Mystic HC and Mystic SPI Blue have unique applications and strengths. Mystic HC is better suited for long-lasting visibility in bare ground applications, while Mystic SPI Blue is designed for temporary marking over turf, like on golf courses. It is essential to choose the right product based on the specific needs of your turf care and maintenance plan, rather than comparing them solely on color intensity.

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