Get an Early Spring Green-Up With Mystic® Verdant and Mystic® Hue Turf Products

Sick and tired of brown patches in your lawn? Envious of your neighbor's lush, green landscape? Lawn maintenance is a chore. After all, if you want it to look great year-round, you have to tend to it every week.

But what if you could make your lawn look green throughout the landscape without all the work?

Turf pigment is the answer.

What is Turf Pigment?

Lawn paint, colorants and pigments are used to correct the color of the lawn. While these terms are used interchangeably, there's a difference between them all.

  • Turf paint is a combination of green pigment, water and a surfactant.
  • Colorant is a general term used to describe anything that's used to apply color to the lawn.
  • Pigment is a dry substance that's used to create the turf paint and colorant.

Coloring the turf isn't cheating. It's a necessary measure to correct uneven colored turf on recreational sites, athletic fields and golf courses. It provides a thorough coloring across the turf, providing an even green throughout the turf or correcting small patches here and there.

There are all kinds of paints out there, some of which are easier to apply than others. So how do you choose?

Mystic Products for Greener Turf

Mystic Verdant is a green pigment while Mystic Hue is a turf paint. Both are used to create the appearance of healthy turf all season long. Green is the color of a healthy golf course, not brown and yellow. Mystic pigments and paints are highly concentrated and provide a vibrant green color that mimics the look of actively growing grass.

These colorants are easy to use and apply. Not only that, but they also dry much faster, which minimizes transfer of the pigment to non-application areas.

The Benefits of Mystic Verdant and Hue Products

One reason you'd want to use Mystic Hue and Mystic Verdant turf products is for spring green-up. If the turf isn't coming in as vibrant as it should, applying Mystic green pigments and paints will create the look of healthy, growing and playable turf.

There's no reason to use chemical products to enhance the look of the turf.

Mystic products are often paired with plant nutrients, fungicides and other turf-management products. Because they're mixable in the tank, it saves time when treating the turf. You can treat the turf for fungal diseases while also improving the overall color.

One more thing...

...Mystic products help reduce stress through UV reflection. The coloring builds a protective layer on the turf, helping to shield it from the damaging effects of heat and direct sunlight.

Because of their specialized formulation, Mystic Hue and Mystic Verdant products both have optimal spreading capabilities, so there's more uniform leaf coverage on the application site. With improved color uniformity comes a more vibrant, beautiful turf site.

Mystic Turf Products Transform Dull Grass Into Lush Turf

Dead, brown and dormant turf catches the eye for all the wrong reasons. If you're a golf course superintendent and want to appeal to the masses, you'll want to turn a brown playing surface into a green invitation to your golfers.

Mystic Verdant green pigment. Mystic Hue turf paint. Two colorants to choose from, both delivering exceptional results. Whether it's to correct brown patches or to get an early spring green-up, simply apply Mystic to the site, and watch it transform into a lush, green and naturally looking playing surface.

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