Artimuss Turf Seed: 4 Cultivars for Successful Turfgrass

When it comes to turfgrass, the quest for resilience, quality, and growth is unending. Whether you are a DIY lawn enthusiast or a professional landscape architect, you understand the significance of a top-notch grass blend that can endure the challenges of drought, wear, and disease.

Enter Artimuss Turf Blend, a cutting-edge solution that takes tall fescue to the next level, promising a turf that is both aesthetic and hardy.

Artimuss Turf Blend: The Future of Turfgrass

Artimuss Turf Blend is more than just grass. With Gravity PGS, a plant growth stimulator used for pre-treatment, Artimuss ensures faster spread, higher density, and a greener color. Lateral Spread technology in the cultivars ensures strand density under stress, making it extremely resistant to drought, heat, traffic, and fungal diseases such as gray leaf spot and brown patch.

Areas of Use

Artimuss isn't just for the private lawn lover; it has applications across various domains:

  • Home Lawns: Enhance your backyard with top-ranked turfgrass.
  • Commercial Landscapes: Bring aesthetics and endurance to corporate spaces.
  • Municipal Sites: Ideal for public spaces due to its resilience.
  • Sports Fields: Withstanding wear and tear of constant play.

The 4 Cultivars of Artimuss Turf Seed

Artimuss Cultivars

Avenger III

Known for its rapid growth and lush green color, Avenger III offers a top-notch resistance to wear and drought. It is a core part of the Artimuss blend, providing stability and beauty.

Titanium G-LS

Featuring Lateral Spread technology, Titanium G-LS offers enhanced density under stress conditions. This cultivar brings a unique strength against heat and disease, making it an essential part of the blend.

Spyder 2LS

Spyder 2LS is noted for its spider-like growth pattern that boosts density and adds a visual appeal. It offers excellent drought tolerance and is key to the Artimuss blend's resistance against diseases like gray leaf spot.

Dynamite G-LS

Dynamite G-LS stands out with its compact growth, allowing for low-mowing ability. Its robust nature against disease and its vital role in maintaining spring and fall density make it an integral part of the Artimuss blend.

Recommended Rates

For those interested in applying Artimuss to their landscape, here's the recommended rate:

  • Bare Soil: 8-10 lbs
  • Overseeding: 1/2 normal rate

Note that, unlike fertilizers and other turf products, seed is harvested once a year. Varieties might run short occasionally, but Artimuss ensures the use of the highest quality and performance variety available at that time.

Create Better Turf with Artimuss

Artimuss Turf Blend represents a revolution in turfgrass technology. Incorporating advanced science with the best of nature's resilience, Artimuss provides an unparalleled option for those seeking excellence in their landscapes. With the power of Avenger III, Titanium G-LS, Spyder 2LS, and Dynamite G-LS cultivars, you are investing in a future where the grass is not just greener but stronger, and more beautiful.

Whether you are planning to transform your home lawn or a commercial space, Artimuss offers a tailored solution that meets your unique needs. Experience the future of turfgrass with Artimuss – where quality and resilience meet elegance and beauty.

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