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Ventigra is an insecticide used to protect ornamentals from plant-damaging insects. It can even be used on vegetable transplants in greenhouses. It not only controls resistant pest species but also suppresses insects like mealybugs. Ventigra insecticide contains an active ingredient that targets the labeled pests but doesn't harm beneficial mites and bees. It can be used for ground and aerial applications and provides effective results when applied thoroughly.

How Ventigra Insecticide Works

Ventigra insecticide contains the active ingredient afidopyropen. It has an effective mode of action whereby it disrupts feeding and other behaviors in the target insects. Once applied, the insects take in the poison and eventually die due to starvation and internal breakdown. Ventigra shouldn't be used repeatedly in the target area as the insects could build up a resistance to the active ingredient.

Where to Use Ventigra Insecticide

Ventigra insecticide is not labeled for homeowner use and should be applied by certified professionals. It can be used on ornamentals in commercial and retail nurseries, including field- and container-grown ornamentals. Use it in commercial, public and recreational gardens, as well as commercial and residential landscapes. It can be applied to the ornamentals on golf courses, in parks and other recreational sites. Use Ventigra in forest tree and conifer nurseries and plantations, as well as to protect ornamentals grown in greenhouses, shade houses and lathhouses. It may also be used on interior plantscapes.

Target Pests

Ventigra insecticide protects bedding plants, perennials, flowering plants and woody trees from the damaging effects of piercing and sucking insects. It kills and controls aphids and whiteflies, including the silverleaf and greenhouse species. Use it to control citrus and long-tailed mealybugs. It may also suppress Mexican mealybugs. Ventigra is effective against Euonymus and tea scales and affects both the nymphs and crawlers. When using Ventigra with other insecticides, use products with a different mode of action to prevent resistance.

Benefits of Ventigra Insecticide

One of the major benefits of Ventigra insecticide is that it's less harmful to predatory mites and beneficial bees. It's highly effective against the labeled pests and prevents them from damaging the ornamentals in greenhouses and in the field. It targets the pests quickly and can be applied at seven-day intervals. Some features and benefits of Ventigra include:

  • Controls aphids, whiteflies and other plant-damaging pests
  • Can be combined with insecticides in an IPM program
  • For use on ornamentals in greenhouses, residential landscapes and more
  • Safe to use on interiorscapes
  • May be applied to juvenile fruit and nut trees

Ventigra Insecticide Delivers Optimal Protection

To minimize resistance, use Ventigra insecticide with a product containing a different mode of action. It works perfectly as a standalone insecticide, killing and controlling common pests like aphids and whiteflies and even suppressing mealybugs. It's safe to use in parks and golf courses and protects field- and container-grown ornamentals. Whether it's to control insect pests in retail nurseries or recreational and commercial gardens, Ventigra insecticide delivers effective results and total pest control within days of use.


Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Insecticide for Ornamental Nurseries and Greenhouses
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Afidopyropen, Other Ingredients
Composition 9.78%, 90.22%
Container Size 20 fl oz bottle
Application Amount See label for details.



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