Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel (4x30GM)


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Cockroaches are filthy pests that contaminate surfaces and spread diseases. Vendetta Nitro is a roach bait gel specially formulated to kill the most resistant species. It contains a potent ingredient that provides quick results in 24 hours and significantly reduces the roach population overnight. The gel is highly palatable and works on roaches that may be averse to other baits.

How Vendetta Nitro Roach Gel Works

Vendetta Nitro contains two ingredients for improved roach control: clothianidin and pyriproxyfen. The first ingredient is a neonicotinoid and targets the roach's nervous system. The second ingredient is an insect growth regulator known as NyGuard and affects the young roaches and eggs. While the gel kills the adults and young, the IGR will prevent any young survivors from maturing into breeding adults.

Where to Use Nitro Cockroach Bait

Use Vendetta Nitro cockroach bait gel indoors to kill roaches where they live and breed. Apply the bait gel in cracks and crevices where the roaches travel, as well as in other spots where they're likely to hide. It can be used in residential and commercial interiors to eliminate roach infestations. Use it in apartments and nursing homes, daycare centers and hotels to stop the roach infestation from getting out of control. Other places where Vendetta Nitro comes in handy include supermarkets, schools, restaurants, warehouses and food storage areas.

Target Pests

Vendetta Nitro is formulated to kill the most common household cockroaches no matter the size. It's highly effective against German cockroaches, which are known to resist certain baits. It will also kill and control larger American cockroaches, eliminating the total number of roaches in less than a week. Use Nitro roach bait gel to kill brown-banded roaches and Oriental species. Applying the gel in areas where they've been seen will help to target them more effectively.

Vendetta Nitro Features and Benefits

Vendetta Nitro works perfectly as a standalone roach control product or with other baits, gels, glue boards and spray insecticides. It's the ideal product to use for cracks and crevices where roaches tend to hide. Once the gel is applied, it will only take 24 hours to see dead roaches in the treated area. Because it's highly palatable, the roaches will be attracted to the bait and die as a result. Some major features and benefits include:

  • For use indoors, including sensitive areas like nursing homes
  • Kills German, American and other common roaches
  • Contains NyGuard IGR to control future infestations
  • Perfect for household use in closets, basements, attics, etc.
  • Applies easily thanks to the plunge applicator

Get Rid of Roaches with Vendetta Nitro

German, American and other cockroach species die within 24 hours after ingesting Vendetta Nitro bait gel. It's an advanced cockroach control system thanks to its dual mode of action. While the insecticide kills the adults, the included NyGuard IGR prevents future infestations. It can be used in restaurants and hotels and is perfect for use at home to control the roach population. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, nothing beats the results of Nitro cockroach gel bait.

Manufacturer MGK
Primary Pest Cockroach
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Clothianidian, Pyriproxyfen, Other Ingredients
0.50%, .50%, 99.00%
Application Amount See label for details.



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Customer Reviews

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Erick Delgado
excellent product

A few days after using the product I stopped seeing cockroaches.

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